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How Ys VIII ended up on Switch

Posted on January 14, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

This week, it was revealed during the Nintendo Direct Mini that Ys VIII is coming to Switch this summer. It’s a pretty big deal since Falcom’s series hasn’t appeared on a Nintendo platform in quite some time – it’s primarily been a PlayStation franchise as of late.

Interestingly, the Switch version of Ys VIII is not actually being handled by Falcom directly. NIS America is publishing the game in North America, while parent company Nippon Ichi will release it in Japan.

There’s more on the partnership thanks to an interview published on Nippon Ichi’s website. A discussion was held between Falcom CEO Toshihiro Kondo and Nippon Ichi CEO Sohei Niikawa.

When asked about the appealing aspects of the Switch version, Niikawa answered that there are three ways to play: portable, TV, and tabletop modes. He believes the variety in playstyles is also the reason why the system is popular overseas. Niikawa has been hearing that Japanese players prefer to play games in portable mode, while western players prefer to play them at home. That’s why he thinks Ys can work well with Switch. Even Kondo’s children want a Switch, because “you can connect it to TV, and it can also be made into a portable console which you can play with friends.”

When asked why the Switch version of Ys VIII is published by Nippon Ichi instead of Falcom, Niikawa explained the history of his friendship with Kondo. Their ages are close, both joined a company soon after graduating from college, were able to write game scenarios by themselves, and become CEO of a listed company. So Niikawa talks to Kondo often when he wants to consult things.

At the point when Falcom wanted to get into the console game business, they didn’t have the proper knowledge yet. So Kondo contacted Niikawa to help his company get on its feet in the business. Later on when Niikawa became the president of NIS America, he would help Falcom in the latter’s overseas expansion, which has continued for about five years.

After Nippon Ichi released Disgaea 5 Complete on Switch, they were very pleased with the reception and results. So when they then asked Falcom if the latter can bring one of their games to Switch, they give them Ys VIII.

Since Falcom is not a very large company and 80% of their staff are developers, they have been mostly focusing on producing their own original titles. To be able to expand in other directions such as ports and overseas expansion (localizations), they prefer to find a partner and let them handle those aspects. This is where Nippon Ichi fills that partner slot.

The two continued:

Niikawa: I might have been quite insistent [when I made the offer to you]. I’m sorry about that…

Kondo: No problem (laughs). We do want the games we’ve created with utmost effort to be played by as many people as possible, and we’re also especially interested in the Switch, so we’ve been wondering whether we would have a chance to do that.

Niikawa: So that means it’s a very good timing indeed (laughs).

The interview also had some general talk about Ys and Ys VIII. Ys is an action RPG series that is having its 31st anniversary this year. It is also well known to never had its protagonist change from Adol Christin.

The first Ys was a very simple game where the player just needed to defeat enemies in a exhilarating sense. In that era there were many games made to be as difficult as possible, but Ys was picked up on as an easy action RPG that can be cleared by anyone. It also became popular due to having superior graphics at that time.

Ys VIII has the highest leap of evolution throughout the Ys series so far. As Falcom’s current CEO Toshihiro Kondo has inherited the franchise, one of the first points to consider was changing the tackling attack – which had been present since the first game and made the series well known for – to actually swinging a sword.

Kondo wasn’t able to change that until Ys VII. Ys VIII started as an attempt to challenge a lot of aspects in producing a game for PS4 at the time, such as having two protagonists and building a village, without changing the elements that define a Ys game such as making it feel good to just use the controls to run and ensuring that players wouldn’t be bored after about 2-3 hours of battling enemies. As long as they can recreate the sense of exhilaration from the action gameplay of the first Ys, they are allowed to make new arrangements like having the characters swing swords or use magic.

Kondo has been getting questions including from fans overseas, mostly asking if it’s alright to jump straight in to Ys VIII as the entry to Ys series. He answers as long as people remember the facts that the protagonist (Adol Christin) is an adventurer, and that the story always starts with a new encounter and ends with a farewell, they should have no problem getting into the game.


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  • Jaxon Holden

    Terrific article.

    This game needs more attention, and it’s crucial the fans support it. We want and need Falcom on board with their stable of IP. Not only is this a solid game, it’s the gateway to Trails of Cold Steel.

    • Jack Bankhead

      I’m buying and playing Ys VIII specifically in the hopes of Trails of Cold Steel.

      • Daniel Guerrero

        No please don’t hope for NISA handle the localization of Cold Steel we need Xseed to deliver and done right

        • Rafael Bueno

          Stop s***tting over NISA because of ONE Game.

          • Fandangle

            Which one? Rodea? Witch and the hundred knight? Dangonronpa? Neptunia? Criminal girls? I mean they’ve ruined a lot of games with localization only bugs, bad translations, censorship and memes.

            Even ys8’s translation was SO bad they had to do a complete retranslaion of it because Ys fans were upset at all the scat humor they put In the game and awkward machine translations.

            NISA are terrible translators.

          • Rafael Bueno

            Danganronpa did NOT had Bad Translation!
            and who cares about Criminal Girls, Rodea and Witch and the Hundred Knight? all are terrible games
            Neptunia is now under Idea Factory’s Localization so it’s not so bad.

            You should be thankful they localized it since XSEED was too busy with the Trails of Cold Steel games and Aksys was EVEN WORSE without bothering a Dub for their games. and HEY at least they are updating the hated Localization of Ys 8 unlike some companies who couldn’t bother like Nintendo Treehouse.

            NISA doesn’t do bad translations.

          • Fandangle

            Hahaha, you’re trolling me right? Saying “those games don’t count because I don’t like them!” is the epitome of childish arguments.

          • Rafael Bueno

            I’m not trolling. just telling my point of view

          • Nhat Anh Hoang

            Correct, this game should never come to Switch and all Falcom games that were translated by NIS

          • Aline Piroutek

            Disgaea 4?

          • Rafael Bueno

            Ys VIII

        • TDude73

          Shut up, Meg.

          • Fandangle

            Isn’t Meg usually the voice of reason and everyone else in that show different forms of bumbling psychopath?

          • awesomeparadise3

            They’re all psychopaths at different times but from everything I remember, when Meg is told to shut up she’s only being reasonable. I know that was probably a rhetorical question but I do love my technicalities.

        • bossmanham

          If NISA only handles the porting and not the localization, they can bring TOCS to the Switch for all I care, but I don’t want a new localization team handling 3 and 4 after XSeed did such a great job at 1 and 2.

          • Daniel Guerrero

            Exactly I mean yeah the game will definitely come out on Switch if NISA does the localization and port but I’m in the mindset of not caring about the Switch version if it comprises the quality of the game PC or PS4 I’m fine with either I have the Switch for other games anyways

      • Same here I originally was planning to get the game for PS4 eventually but now that its coming to Switch I’m definitely on board and also to see if we have a shot at the excellent Trails of Cold Steel series to come to Switch. I have gone to few message boards to try and rile up hype to the game.

      • How do I buy Falcom games in the hopes that Ys will go back to the combat system of the early games?

    • Nad

      I agree! Ys is our good chance to help secure more JRPGs on the Switch, which is something I completely want. The system is so perfect for giving us time to handle these large investments, and I really hope the sales of this one help proves the audience is there for it. I actually had put off buying Ys for PS4 due to waiting for the fixed translation patch, but with the news of this I’m waiting for the Switch version now.

      • Game_God

        The same here, except I was considering the PC version, now I’ll wait for the Switch version!!!

        • Fandangle

          Between the awful translation and the delayed PC version I’m not considering any of them.

        • Aline Piroutek

          Hybrid master race

  • theFooFighter

    Port all of those psp and vita remakes while you’re at it. While I’m not totally against it I don’t feel like tracking down a bunch of psp games just for the sake of playing the rest of the series

    • UltimaLuminaire

      They’re on Steam, though. The PC localization, for the most part, are quite accessible and old enough to run on most computers. There’s no issue tracking them down.

      That said, I would also enjoy a Switch power pack of Ys titles as long as it doesn’t come at the expense of their current development of Trails in the Sky, Xanadu, etc.

    • Nicholas Perry

      Literally most Ys games have been ported to just about every system ever.
      The first 5 games are available on at least 3 platforms bare minimum.

  • Stuart

    Good read. I remember when Falcom said,not too long time ago,that they were unsure if they should support the Switch,if people would buy their games. Let’s hope this sells well enough to earn their support.

  • nemo37

    To all parties that made this happen, I would like to say thank you.

  • Radish

    I’ve never played a Ys game, but now I finally have a chance to. Thanks!

    • Aline Piroutek

      I never heard about the series before. And I have a Vita.

      • Radish

        Lmao, then it must be an extremely fringe series, surprised they’ve kept it going this long.

  • I’m not big on Falcom games, but I do respect Niikawa for appreciating the Switch playerbase and the support they gave Disgaea 5, so I’ll get the game for that reason.

    Hopefully it does well enough on the Switch. I know people will want it, I just don’t know how many. But there’s still time for niche games especially, and particularly JRPGs, to make a hit. I’m curious to see how the game will do.

    • UltimaLuminaire

      Ys Celceta did well enough to encourage Niikawa despite being on PSV, and Ys8 has done okay despite the localization issues. Trails in the Sky has been climbing thanks to the amazing efforts of XSEED staff, who knew what it meant to aim for the long term.

      I have a lot of faith Falcom can make a splash on Switch. They’ve been diving head first these past few years, trying to get their staff accustomed to modern game development while not compromising on their ambitious game narratives. No matter how strange things turned out, the one constant is their devotion to their fans and vice versa. Much respect.

      • Fandangle

        Ys Memories of Celceta has literally nothign to do with NISA or NIS though, that was all Xseed. In fact one of the biggest complaints about the western releases of Ys 8 is that it’s NOT handled by Xseed which have handled every entry for the last several years and NISA basically nabbed it out from under them while they were working on other projects.

        • UltimaLuminaire

          Chill. I goofed. Kondo, not Niikawa. My bad.

  • Fandangle

    As a pretty big Ys fan I can’t recommend buying this one. NISA sunk their claws into it and made a translation so bad that they had to come out and apologize for it and issue a complete retranslaion patch that still isn’t out. That’s not even getting into the PC port they rushed and eventually delayed THE DAY BEFORE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LAUNCH.

    Needless to say I love Falcom but NISA are just awful and will abuse the life out of this series which they took from XSEED who normally handle porting and translation for Falcom.

    Don’t buy it please. The series is in no risk of turning JP only anytime soon.

    • MagicMushroom

      The games might not turn JP only but Marvelous/XSEED aren’t as willing to port a game to the Switch like NISA is. The Switch might not see another game if it does terribly

      The only three games they’ve given the Switch was Fate/EXTELLA (Late port and they’re not even bothering giving the Switch the upcoming one) that Senran game (Basically just a tech demo while the PS4 gets the real games) and Shantae (Year old game with 1 extra costume made by WayForward) I honestly see them snubbing the Switch with future titles.

      • Fandangle

        Okay so the problem for isn’t about the game’s quality, the problem is you’re a console warrior who wants to brag about how many games you have in a library and you don’t care about the greater Ys series as a whole, just that it’s on nintendo consoles.

        Look, I like the idea of quality ports and multiplat games as much as the next guy, but some people actually value games over an idiotic desire to feel superior over people who prefer to buy different brands of competing hardware. Don’t buy bad games from bad companies. If you really, genuinely, truly want to get into the Ys franchise Ys 1+2, OoF, 6, Origin, and 7 are all on PC and can run on lighter hardware Origins, 6, and 7 run on similar gameplay mechanics as 8 does. MoC is also on PC in china only but has a english patch. That’s every canon Ys game up to 7 except 5 which they’re probably going to remake soon anyway. MoC and 7 are also on Vita. I’d suggest Origin but it has some mild censorship so it’s better to go for the PC version on that. You don’t need to play them in order as each game is self contained except 1+2 but all modern releases of those two package them together anyway. 1+2 is kind of clunky and most people will probably skip out on it because it’s weird “bumper cars” battle system. Oath of Felghana is the third game, it’s great. Memories of Celceta is the fourth one, it’s also great. Like I said earlier 5 is old and weird and they’re probably going to remake it like they did 3 and 4. Then there is 6, 7, 8 which are the modern titles and then Origin which is a prequel spinoff.

        • MagicMushroom

          Actually, I don’t care about the state of the Switch’s library itself. I own a PS4 and no Switch. Not everyone can afford every single console, and even if i did have a Switch i’d probably want more games on my new shiny console as much as the next person considering how small the library is right now.

          I hope you do understand that this is the first Falcom game to reach a Nintendo console in almost 2 decades right? Falcom has been with Sony and PC since the PS1 days and has never even batted an eye at Nintendo until now. I’m not a Nintendo only owner but others that are probably won’t get to experience the games anymore if they snub the Switch if this game underperforms. More games for any system is always a good thing.

          Also i’ve played my fair share of Ys games and i’m quite aware of the botched translation, but potentially taking the games away from another userbase isn’t the best way to go about things.

          • Fandangle

            I hope you do understand that this is the first Falcom game to reach a Nintendo console in almost 2 decades right?

            Then what better way to tell them you only accept quality ports of games with good translations.

            I also don’t see how any of that is really relevant. I’d rather people get to experience Ys at it’s best than from a botched port from a developer that’s been a blight on western released Japanese games. It still sounds like a “quantity over quality” issue here.

          • MagicMushroom

            People who want Falcom games on Nintendo consoles again won’t get to experience anything if the devs snub it. 2 more decades of nothingness.

          • Fandangle

            “again” There was hardly a first time.

            And again, this sounds like a quantity issue more than a quality issue. Do you want bad games or do you want good games?

          • NISA have acknowledge their mistake and promised to fix it. As a PC and Switch owner (no PS4), I’m definitely going to get this to show my support for Falcom. They should be allowed this one chance (to fix things) at least. If they blow it, then, well…

          • Fandangle

            They only fixed it after Ys fans had a letter writing campaign to Falcom’s office. It still doesn’t forgive their PC port getting delayed nearly a year and their previous bad translations either.

            Many more have given them a chance before you and more probably will come after you. At the end of the day you’re still paying for bad quality from a bad company. I mean, at least be smart about it and wait until post release to buy it when it’s confirmed they didn’t add in any console ruining bugs or glitches, or wait until it’s confirmed that their second translation isn’t absolute trash like 90% of their translations are.

          • MagicMushroom

            Ys used to be ported to everything, now its been mostly on Sony platforms. You keep making the “muh quantity” argument but there are people who want to play Ys games on something other than Sony. There’s more than just you on this planet.

          • Fandangle

            It didn’t used to be ported to nintendo consoles ever though. I can really only ever remember the first two games on it. It’s less to do with sales and more to do with the fact that Falcom is an incredibly small developer and can’t afford to port it to everything under the sun. They outsource their own IPs even. And again, it’s not JUST sony it’s also on PC and they’re not really graphically intensive.

            there are people who want to play Ys games on something other than Sony.

            You sound like a console warrior.

          • MagicMushroom

            Then you clearly don’t know the series’s history as much as you think you do. Ys up until VI was always on Nintendo systems, hell Ys V was a SNES exclusive until they remade it for the PS2. It was always on Nintendo in some format or way until they just started going Sony and windows only, an when they clearly prioritize Sony at times

            Also if nobody is being a console warrior here, even if they were you’re more on that point considering you seem to have a problem with people wanting more than 1 Ys game

          • Fandangle

            I’m failing to see your point here besides the fact that you’re trying to tout how big your Video Game Knowledge bone is. You haven’t contradicted any of my points. All you’ve been doing is trying to catch me on my Ys history, which is again, irrelevant. a majority of people who own a switch probably weren’t even alive to own an NES when it came out, much less any of the handful of Ys ports on it.

            This is besides the point. The point is, the switch has other, better games. Ys 8 wont be missed, especially if buying it supports a terrible, universally reviled translator and one of their latest screw ups that Ys fans as a whole have basically disowned at this point. Ys needs to go back to Xseed.

            This is like buying EA’s terrible crapstain of a sports game on the Wii because you want to support sports games on the wii. A bad game is a bad game but I don’t think a console warrior can understand anything outside of “console this” and “console that”.

            Why don’t you actually give me a reason to buy it BESIDES “I-it’s on switch, you HAVE to support games on switch!” because I’m not a console warrior and I own other consoles like a sane person.

          • MagicMushroom

            I think you need to get off your high horse and thinking everyone can afford multiple consoles. All i’ve had for 3 years was a PS4, nothing else because money needs to go to other things. This has nothing to do with brand recognition at all, this has to do with the fact that Falcom has primarily stayed on Sony and sometimes PC for 2 decades and now finally is branching out. This is a good thing because now more people can play and give more recognition to Falcom, but you’re sitting here telling them not to buy it so it’ll flop and go to another company who probably won’t give them anything anymore. You’re basically telling them to sign their own death wish for Falcom games so you can get better translations, which Switch only owners possibly won’t even get to try.

            Also don’t try to pull the “Well Switch owners weren’t alive when Falcom was on Nintendo” when you know that a huge chunk of Nintendo fans are 30 year olds who grew up with them. Having something on all platforms is always a good thing, but the only thing you seem to take into account is “Just buy a PS4 then LOL” when you’re completely missing the point. You seem extremely selfish and self entitled tbh.

          • Fandangle

            I think you need to get off your high horse and thinking everyone can afford multiple consoles.

            And I think consoles should have enough of an exclusive library to justify a purchase. I seriously doubt you’d be saying the same thing about Bloodborne or Horizon or Halo on switch just like you wouldn’t say the same about Mario, Kirby, or Smash on PS4 or Xbone. We don’t even know if this is Falcom testing the waters. They could have ported one of their more popular games like the Trails series or one of their other new releases like Tokyo Xanadu.

            And really, is the Switch library so bad that you think it NEEDS Ys on it? Why are you so fixated on getting games on a console instead of the games themselves? Switch owners wont miss it. Again, Ys fans don’t typically care what console it’s on as it has a history of console hopping and I would honestly rather people’s first introduction to the series not be NISA’s trash heap of a port.

            but you’re sitting here telling them not to buy it so it’ll flop and go to another company who probably won’t give them anything anymore. .

            You seem to be a little touched in the head here. I want the port to flop because before this point Xseed did a perfectly fine job of handling and porting the series around. They’re not the richest translator and they take their care and time on a translation. Yeah, it takes over a year to get it on one system, but that’s because they don’t skimp out on it, and they know where the fanbase is to keep the series afloat. This also again, isn’t NISA’s decision to port. It’s Falcom’s. Xseed would have published the port anyway, but it might have been a year or two more out, if even that.

            You’re basically telling them to sign their own death wish for Falcom games so
            you can get better translations, which Switch only owners possibly won’t even get to try

            “Gee, would I like to eat crap out of this toilet bowl or would I rather pay the same price, wait a little bit, and eat a 5 star meal?” This is what you sound like to me right now. People who only own one console by choice are console warriors. People who are too poor to own multiple consoles usually don’t care or find other means to get their games, like Piracy or hacking a system. Ys fans found a place on Sony and PC and I don’t see the point in anything you’re saying honestly. Sure, you could spout the “But it needs a new audience!” meme, but at the cost of literally ruining the franchise for everyone else. You want to eat out of a toilet bowl, that’s fine. I don’t. I don’t want bad translations. I want this series to be treated right. Stop trying to ruin good series because your dumb console war bullcrap.

            You seem extremely selfish and self entitled tbh.

            Says the guy who is saying everyone should buy a bad translation and what’s probably a bad port, from a translator that’s renowned for their low quality, after they basically stole the game from the usual translator, because you want games on the console you’re currently fanboying out on.

            I could care less if the Switch succeeds or fails, it’s a console that. The only thing you should care about is video games, and if the games aren’t good there is no point in even owning a console. I want the game to be good and the series to be treated right. But feel free to call it selfish that I want the series to remain quality for the forseeable future, something you seem to be petitioning against right now.

            Are you just trying to tell me the switch’s library is bad and that Ys 8 in all of it’s horribly mistreated glory would somehow improve it? Is there not enough on the console already that you need to risk ruin an entire franchise out of spite?

          • MagicMushroom

            You seem to have one thing fixated on your mind throughout the entire post. You seem to think that the entire reason i want Ys on more platforms is for them to have a better library. Thats not the reason at all. I want Ys and Falcom games on other platforms is for Falcom themselves to get a bigger userbase than what they have, because Falcom for quite some time have been extremely small and niche in forever. This is not for Nintendo, because the Switch can live without Falcom games, Nintendo has been alive for 2 decades without Falcom games and they can live without them another 2. But we all know Falcom would like a few new sales considering all the porting they’re doing recently, and i don’t see why selling to a new userbase is a bad. And no, calling something a “meme” is not a counter argument

            But the thing is Falcom has been extremely stubborn because in reality they don’t want to put their games on Nintendo platforms, for whatever reason. They’ve stated this multiple times and finally someone gets them to budge. Of course it had to be NISA of all people but its something.

            Now when it came to your post, i can totally understand wanting to boycott NISA and their awful translations, i totally get that. But you were basically asking them to let the game flop so they won’t get anymore while Sony/PC users get the better translations. That’s probably one of the most selfish things i’ve read in the comments here in a while. “They won’t miss it” is a terrible argument if you want Falcom to branch out. You seem to have in in your mind that if someone doesn’t have the same income and can’t afford every console on the market, they’re a console warrior, which that pretty much speaks for itself in terms of dumbness.

            I don’t see why in the world someone would willingly self destruct themselves when wanting a new series on their system. Switch owners can’t really do much here without getting screwed over. Either they buy it or get Falcom’s good game but NIS’s bad translation from then on. Or they don’t buy it and hurts Falcom’s chances of branching out and then they get nothing else ever again. Like how is that even fair?

          • Fandangle

            I want Ys and Falcom games on other platforms is for Falcom themselves to get a bigger userbase than what they have,

            I addressed the problem with this. You don’t want people’s introduction to Zelda to be the CD-I games. You don’t want people’s introduction to Mario to be a bad romhack. You don’t want people’s introduction to Metroid to be Other M.

            Why would you want people’s into Ys to be the worst translation to date, from a translator who hasn’t put a single ounce of effort into the franchise before this point. NISA has done nothing for the Ys franchise and you’re threatening to give it to them permanently because dumb console warring reasons.

            And no, calling something a “meme” is not a counter argument

            I called it a meme because that’s what it is. A dumb opinion people parrot because “it sounds nice” without giving a single thought to the logic. Yeah, giving all those hobos hundred of dollars and a house does SOUND nice, but who is gonna end up paying for it? Who is gonna clean up after half of them lapse for alcoholism?

            Focusing on a wider audience is a cancer to a series. The second a dev says that I start to worry because it usually means that they’re going to overstuff the game with shallow mechanics because your average gamer has ADD, they’re going to simplify what’s already there because a 12 year old that shouldn’t be playing it in the first place can’t figure out that you need to use the missiles on the red doors, and they’re going to change everything about the presentation to make it more presentable and marketable.

            The PROPER way of doing things is to focus on developing a fanbase. Make quality games, improve, and encourage criticism and improvement. The fanbase at that point will do the marketing for you. The key here is to be consistent. If Ys was half as consistent as the Trails series then it’d be experiencing the same level of popularity.

            . But you were basically asking them to let the game flop so they won’t get anymore while Sony/PC users get the better translations.

            GEE an eternity of a god awful translator or no games on nintendo consoles that Ys hasn’t been on in literal decades in the west. You’re asking fans to sacrifice their series to a terrible translator just so a handful of new people can play it. This is the dumb “New audience” focus meme mentaility. This is prioritizing sales over quality, sacrificing the fanbase that made you just so you can appeal to the lowest common denominator and compete in the ridiculous AAA market. Falcom games are honestly fine as they are. The level of experimentation and improvement over existing titles has a really great balance. They’re experiencing genuine success in the west and it’s not because the Switch.

            You seem to have in in your mind that if someone doesn’t have the same income and can’t afford every console on the market, they’re a console

            No, I have it in my mind that if you care more about the console or people who own the console more than you care about actual video games you are a console warrior. You haven’t been making ANY case for Ys favor. This comment section has proven nothing but how vapid and petty switch owners on here are.

            Switch owners can’t really do much here without getting screwed over

            If they cared about Ys before this point they already own other systems that can play it. If they didn’t they’re not Ys fans. Literally the ONLY case you can make is for the mythical newer audience that the switch can’t even promise, and if this does end up selling well and the series stays with NISA then the switch will forever be known as the console that ruined the Ys series.

          • MagicMushroom

            “Focusing on a wider audience is a cancer to a series.”
            “This is the dumb “New audience” focus meme mentaility. This is prioritizing sales over quality, sacrificing the fanbase that made you just so you can appeal to the lowest common denominator and compete in the ridiculous AAA market.”
            ” if this does end up selling well and the series stays with NISA then the switch will forever be known as the console that ruined the Ys series.”

            My God, I wasn’t too serious about the selfish comment, but now i’m absolutely sure you are selfish as hell. You literally don’t care about anybody but yourself. None of these are even arguments anyway, they’re your terrible opinions, fear mongering and predictions, i can’t really combat opinions. Not like i’d bother after viewing some of this. Also lol @ the “fanbase will advertise for you” comment, like thats worked after all this time.

            It seems your stubbornness is still in effect too, you still say i’ve had nothing to help the Ys series when I gave you plenty but “I don’t like it” and “memes” is not argument pal. You still seem to have the idea I’m a console warrior for wanting Ys to be available to more people. Sorry. Come back when you have an better opinions.

          • Azure beast

            I just ignore him he seems like a petty individual you find online plus I don’t think fighting with individuals will help his cause.

  • Amethyst Gaze

    Definitely picking this one up. Nice surprise.

  • R.Z.

    Nice push there NIS !
    I hope that will lead the way to more Falcom titles on the console.

  • Tlink7

    ”That Switch thing is selling pretty well, isn’t it?”

    • What always makes me grin like a smug mfer is when some devs don’t want to put their games on the Switch, but they’re trying to get one themselves or their children want it. (Tabata from SE, and Kondo from Falcom as two prominent examples.)

      Yeah, guys. Your games are “too good” for Switch, but you still got competition to get one in your household.

      • Tlink7

        I really don’t get that attitude xD like surely you want the big market that the Switch offers? 😀

        • Right? I don’t know what kind of elitism it is, but it sure does bite them in the butt.

      • Kondo wants to put games on Switch but Falcom is not big enough to be able to focus on several platforms.

        • Now he does, but that wasn’t quite what he said the first time.

        • Aline Piroutek

          Well, now they can focus only on the most sold hybrid in Japan

      • LT9M

        Dude, they never said they thought their games were too superior for the Switch, they doubted it because they have, you know, a limited workforce? Falcom is not as big as Square Enix or Bandai Namco.

        • Tabata essentially said that, but Kondo had only a slightly different perspective. Ultimately, their brand is mostly loyal to Sony. Which I don’t mind. It’s just interesting to me when a company sees a console selling like mad and sees yes, the genre their games are in are doing well on it, and acts like they don’t want to take a chance at multi-plat.

  • Noir

    The idea of Falcom games on the switch hypes me up I’m gonna buy this don’t stop the switch ports Kondo keep finding more partners !!!!

  • ThreadShadow

    I hope this version gets all the costumes. As it stands now the costumes are split between PS4 and PSVita. I don’t like that at all.

  • masterjedi

    Didn’t Falcom just say a few months ago they didn’t think their games would sell on Switch?

    • NepNep52

      They said they weren’t sure if their usual audience was on the Switch.

      • masterjedi

        That is so weird because the numbers don’t support that. They released Legend of Heroes and sold like 160k between the PS3 and the PS Vita and the Vita version outsold the PS3 version. When they released the next Legend of Heroes game on PS4 exclusively, they sold about 80k so they lost half their sales by not having a portable version. Turn around and look at Disgaea 5 Complete and it sold 200k on Switch. They say they weren’t sure if their usual audience was on Switch but they have sales data that clearly shows otherwise.

    • Justmadeanaccount2

      Which is why I’m not buying this….

      • LT9M

        IF that’s all it takes for you not to buy this game, I doubt you would’ve bought it in the first place.

        • Justmadeanaccount2

          After the Falcom guy made those comments I deleted all Falcom games from my wish list and downloaded them for free on PC. lol I’m also going to download this new ys for free. I was fully committed to buying this and Tokyo Xanadu . I have a PS4…But since comments about Nintendo were made, I can’t support them anymore. I did the same thing with Titanfall after the dev made negative comments about Switch.

      • Aline Piroutek

        I don’t buy this because all Switch games(even Troll and I) are $90 and we need to think well before buying a game without a demo.

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I’m not buying after Falcom made those stupid comments a few months ago.

    • bossmanham


    • they never made stupid comments. Kondo said that he acknowledges the success of the Switch and has considered development for it but Falcom is not big enough to be able to focus on porting to Switch themselves too.

      If they really made “stupid comments” like Nintendofags who do not do their research they would not even allow NIS to port their games to Switch.

      • Justmadeanaccount2

        Stop making excuses for them you puss.

        • i am not making excuses i am stating facts unlike your nintendofag kind

    • LT9M

      Get off your high horse. You realize that Falcom is not as big as the other JP studios like Bandai Namco, right? They aren’t the second comings of Christ in programming, and they certainly don’t have the numbers to work on multiple projects at once. Jesus christ, one dude says they’re unsure about the Switch and all you nintentards continue to rub one off while typing how you wish a company fails because they aren’t fulfilling your selfish demands.

      • Justmadeanaccount2

        I don’t care what you say. Those were clearly Sony fanboy comments. He said a bunch of bull about how Nintendo is for casual gaming and PS4 is the “hardcore” market, which is why he’s not supporting Switch. He also said he prefers “high spec” consoles even though all of Falcom’s games look like trash. He’s full of crap and I’m not supporting anything they put out. Keep crying about my opinion…They’re still not getting my money.

      • Aline Piroutek

        Where is Bandai Namco’s support? Xenoverse and Pacman?

        • Aline Piroutek

          We need Ridge Racer

      • masterjedi

        But the sales data doesn’t support his comments. The one game they released on Switch (Disgaea 5: Complete) sold over 200k. Meanwhile their previous game (Legend of Heroes on PS4) sold 80k and the game they released prior to that (Legend of Heroes on PS3 and Vita) sold 160k. They’ve literally had their best success sales-wise on the Nintendo Switch so for the president to say something like “We’re not sure if our audience is on the Switch” is asinine. The sales data proves otherwise.

        It comes off as pandering to the Sony audience which is insulting to Switch owners because we have supported NIS projects more than Sony yet for some reason he seems to want to hitch his wagon to the Sony horse. And even the developer isn’t on board with his comments because the developer said they were extremely excited to bring games to Switch. Basically, it sounds like the NIS president doesn’t want Switch owner business so why should Switch owners give it to him? Let them continue to release games on the PS4 where they have seen less than half the sales of their Switch projects.

        • But Disgaea 5 isn’t Falcom’s; Disgaea also isn’t like the Falcom’s games at all (Ys and LoH).

          • masterjedi

            Published by NIS though. And its the NIS president saying they aren’t sure the audience isn’t on Switch. So basically, even when Falcom is excited about bringing games to the Switch, their publisher is saying they have their doubts. That creates a dynamic where the developer is hesitant to even suggest bringing their games to the platform for fear of the publisher refusing to fund it.

          • No, it’s Falcom’s president, Toshiro Kondo, who said that. You got it mixed up. NIS is the one who eventually convinced Falcom to port the game to Switch; I read that interview.

          • masterjedi

            Ah I see. Thanks for pointing out my error.

  • Azure beast

    Finally I can play YS on a Handheld again now get me Legend of heroes on the switch to I don’t care who has to make it happen just make it happen and I’ll be happy.