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July 10, 2014 by (@NE_Jarop)

The official Hyrule Warriors website was just updated with a whole heap of new screenshots in relation to the recent announcements regarding Skyward Sword and the additional DLC costumes. Check them out below! (Updating the post with more screenshots as they come through)


  • Tylos

    I wonder… Could they make the king of Hyrule playable? Whichever one is fine, but wouldn’t that be interesting?

    • Roto

      He’s super would be Boat mode, Don’t want to say too much for the new players ^__~

    • http://lwiis64.deviantart.com/ L.A.C.

      That is one of the characters I really want to see. But I am uncertain of how possible cartoony characters are in this game. I mean, they can easily make them a redesign so they fit in this art style, but my question is: will they do it? Could we see the likes of Vaati, Medli, Linebeck and of course King Hyrule? I really hope so, because there are so many great characters in cartoony Zelda games it would be a shame not to see them here.

      • Tylos

        For Vaati they could make him more adult like like his manga representation or his second form in minish cap. I’m not as worried about Vaati and think the could make him work. But the other more cartoonish characters might be more of a stretch like Byrne and Linebeck. But who knows?

        • http://lwiis64.deviantart.com/ L.A.C.

          They can work. With a redesign, they can all work. My real worry is IF they are willing to redesign them to make it work. So far, we have seen characters from OoT/TP/SS-type characters. We are yet to see a character from the more cartoony games. So like you said, who knows?

          Check out a drawing I made a while ago. It has characters from ALL Zelda games, but more relevantly, characters from cartoony games redesign so they can fit with the more OoT/TP/SS style. Here’s the link: http://lwiis64.deviantart.com/art/Zelda-Anthology-387692983

          • Tylos

            The drawing you made just goes to show that it IS certainly possible, but that It’ll require effort and time. It also highly depends on the artstyle and how they feel about it in the end though. If they ever made a sequel that was a more cartoonish style: 1st, it’d be easier for more characters to be included. 2nd, people would complain that it’s too cartoonish.

            But if they’re using OOT designs and the Moon showed up that means they’ll probably use Majora’s mask characters (maybe Anju and Kafei show up somehow? I mean Agitha did after all) and the moment Tingle shows up or gets announced as playable, all logic goes out the window and they can add any character. They want… They’ll already have given nightmares to everyone.

            Another Idea I’ve thought about is having one or two characters not from Zelda but I’m not too sure. They’d. Have to be relevant of course. Honestly I Just want to see Takamaru. He is the protagonist of Zelda’s sister game after all (just as Kid Icarus was to Metroid) and Takamaru has been in Samurai Warriors before so just Update his character model to make it more fitting (we have Ninjas in Zelda anyways… Sheik is probably in the game and Impa is practically a sort of kind of Samurai… With a Giant blade.) so he wouldn’t stick out as a sour thumb too much. But anyways. Great drawing.

          • http://lwiis64.deviantart.com/ L.A.C.

            1st paragraph: I agree. It can be done. But until a character from a cartoony Zelda is reveal, we don’t really know how ambitious they want to be with this game.

            2nd paragraph: I thought with Agitha all logic was out the window. I mean she was a charming character, but she was not important to the main plot and much less a character anyone would imagine in a battlefield. But they made it work so I guess Tingle is possible. Probably a comedic character, though. And I don’t know about Anju or Kafei, but the Happy Mask Salesman is FULL of potential. With so many masks at his disposal, he would be really fun to play as.

            3rd paragraph: It would make a lot more sense to see Takamaru in Hyrule Warriors as a special guess than in Dynasty Warriors. So if he already appeared in DW, why not HW too?

  • jimmy

    They need muscle in that team, wheres the Goron love? :(

    • http://lwiis64.deviantart.com/ L.A.C.

      I saw a Goron soldier in a GameXplain video, but no playable characters so far. But being the King of the Gorons and one of the Seven Sages, I am sure Darunia is an easy guess.

  • Windstar

    Those enormous gauntlets look comically badass. Plus Link is swinging around a giant pillar. I know what my main weapon is.

  • http://www.feshrine.net/ Blazer

    As if this game didn’t look interesting enough…

  • TalesOfBS

    Best Zelda design ever. She looks even more like a mix of Zelda from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    guys! that rock in the second page of pics from the game is from Ocarina of Time! Can’t remember what the big rock was called or if it had a name at all-all I recall is you used the Gold Gauntlets to lift them.

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