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Hyrule Warriors to be supported with more characters, weapons, and scenarios

Posted on August 14, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

A tweet published on the official Japanese Hyrule Warriors Twitter page earlier today revealed that Koei Tecmo would be supporting the game with “long-term updates and a large-scale mode expansion”. Thanks to a listing on the eShop, we have a few more details as to what’s planned for the future.

The listing states that more characters, weapons, and scenarios are planned. There’s also the word “??” in the listing, which implies that there could be even more things on the way. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the future!

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  • YamadaDesigns

    Yes! Awesome to have this confirmed. The Groose is about to get loose!

    • SakuStar Light

      dont get ur hopes up cause if it doesnt happen ull be piss mad at nintendo for hurting ur own feeling, im hoping o see malon/epona in game

      • YamadaDesigns

        first of all, i’ve never been piss mad at nintendo in my life, second of all, i don’t care what characters are adding, groose just seems like the logical one. also, why would epona be in the game? there is no horseback riding in this game at all, only in cutscenes.

        • SakuStar Light

          yea yeah thats what they all say XD this goose is loose and not getting goose will only prove people to bash this game well see. ha well see DW has horse back riding so im not gonna give up on it an since u said in cutscenes u very well give hint that it may come out. XD thanks. :3 an sad to see u didn’t catch my sarcasm.

        • Vigilante_blade

          Keep expectations low. I the event you don’t get your Groose, you won’t be too alarmed. In the event you’ll get him, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

          I personally don’t care about Groose, but if they add him, I’ll be happy for those who want him. I’m personally more inclined to want Malon or characters from other unrepresented franchises.

          I imagine that Cia, Valga and Wizro will be the first DLC to be announced though.

        • Miles Metts

          There’s no horseback riding in THIS game, but it’s common in the Nobunaga’s Ambition series. They’re used to get around the level’s faster, and watching english footage of playing the Japanese version, they’re definitely needed.

          • SakuStar Light

            dw has horses in it so we may see that element if midna can ride wolf link then im open for anything.

          • SakuStar Light

            i know this is a lil late but told ya there be horse back in this game sad its not malon but yeah epona announce.

        • Patrick M

          Eating those words now, eh?

          • YamadaDesigns

            yeah, i’m disappointed. i’m still waiting for groose lol.

          • Patrick M

            The worst part is when you play the campaign and all the characters fron the different eras go home together in pairs. Ruto and Darunia through one portal, Midna and Agitha through another…and then Fi. By herself. You know, instead of with Groose. God damn Nintendo.

          • SakuStar Light

            ….Just wanna say i told you so. Twili midna human form CONFIRMED :DDDDDDDDDD

          • YamadaDesigns

            i am happy about that, but where’s tingle and skull kid?

          • SakuStar Light

            well majora dlc has yet to come but skull kid got more of a chance of coming than tingle the western region hates tingle versus eastern.

  • DeVitowned

    I am a bit worried. If anyone is familiar with their DLC practices of the Dynasty Warrior games, expect to see a lot of ridiculously priced content.

    • Shadowknight1

      Some people think $0.99 is ridiculously priced for DLC. =P

      • PapaBrownBear

        It they can set things up in a similar fashion to Pikmin 3 I don’t think it will be so bad. But then again I share the same concerns that it will get DLC and priced like most other 3rd party devs do.

  • Timothy Zaremski

    add on characters? saria has a chance still! this game really might likely be my game of the year!, already preordered it.

    • SakuStar Light

      <.< saria u shame me no love for malon/kafei <_____________< Nabooru

  • Tylos

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Nabooru and that Ringel character. I’d actually like it quite a bit.

  • Nintendo Of North Korea

    Please give me Orca or Makar! If Agitha could make it in they could too! Tingle’s a given.

  • Glommo

    Probably some larger tie-in with Majora’s Mask coming in February.

    Maybe playable Tingle or Skull kid.

    • SakuStar Light

      skull kid its already stated tingle wont be in hyrule warrior the western region hates him too much for him to be in it. So maybe fierce diety link/ skull kid.

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