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Hyrule Warriors won’t have online co-op

Posted on July 31, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

According to the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account, the game will not offer online co-op. Players will only be able to experience co-op play locally.

What this means for online play is currently unclear. The thought was that Hyrule Warriors will offer Internet functionality of some kind, but co-op is definitely ruled out now. I suppose we’ll see very soon!


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  • Guest

    And the crying will start in………

    • jimmy

      I felt a great disturbance 6min ago and a tear hit my eyes, I came here and saw why :'(

    • Andrew

      I’m sorry you don’t have a single friend in the entire world and therefore will be playing Hyrule Warriors by yourself. But some of us have friends, even in real life, who unfortunately due to things like life, we don’t get to see often. I just beat Kirby Return to Dreamland with my buddy this past weekend. In one sense, it took us about 8 hours…. in other sense, it took us almost a year in real life time because that’s how frequently we get to hang out and play games in person.

      So yeah, this no online co-op thing stinks, because that friend and I, among others, were planning to play this game a lot online. Now, we’ll be lucky to get thru part of the game in person. Because if it is anything like Orochi 3 on WiiU (WHICH DOES HAVE ONLINE CO-OP), the game will take 20+ hours to beat.

      So not crying, but mad Nintendo is going lazy on this game.

      • Exposer

        Dude, he is joking about the fact that the game dosent have online, not the opposite…BTW Tecmo Koei is making the game not Nintendo.

        • Andrew

          Nintendo is putting the money in to make the game. So they are the ones who made the decision for no online co-op. We’ll find out Aug. 4 all the details, but it doesn’t sound good.

      • Guest

        Do you want me to play a violin for your sob story

        • MadCrain

          Yet the only online feature anyone cares about is online co-op.

      • MadCrain

        Yeah, I get what you’re saying and it’s with every f****** Nintendo game, why do they dislike online co-op? I get that they are trying to force you to play with your friends in your house but we’re all not 12 year olds that can drop by our friends house and play until bedtime.
        Tecmo koei making this is irrelevant because Orochi 3 had online co-op, this is definitely Nintendo’s decision as it has been time and time again, I think if they could they would have made MK8 and SSB local only.

  • Exposer

    I dont know how to feel about this…Honestly.

  • Operative

    Welp. My excitement went down a little bit. Still excited but I guess even Tecmo can’t get Nintendo out of its anti-online mindset

    • Whybee

      No online co-op =/= no online period. According to the Japanese site, there’s apparently some “special battle mode” that is yet to be revealed.

    • Guest

      If they are so anti-online, then why Smash bros. is going to be online
      Why do they have online features

      • Andrew

        B/c Smash will sell enough to the point where they can afford to slap together what looks like a very basic online mode. But even at E3, Nintendo didn’t want to talk about SSB4’s online, which makes me worry.

    • Exposer

      Platform: Wii U
      Genre: Action
      Publisher: Nintendo
      Developer: Tecmo Koei
      Release date: September 26, 2014
      You can find that info in this page

      • Operative

        Are you implying this is strictly Tecmo’s decision to not feature online co-op? Because I would disagree with you there.

        • HarakiriKami

          Tecmo funded the game and is publishing it in japan so its entirely their decision

          • Operative

            Not when they said they consulted Nintendo about pretty much everything.

          • HarakiriKami


            Nintendo barely did anything with it.

            Hell Dynasty Warriors 8 doesnt have online co op on PC. So there’s precedent

  • LordDisco

    That’s really unfortunate. I was super-excited by the earlier article, but this was to be expected, sadly. Oh, well.

  • Chaos_Knight
  • Brian

    I think people are jumping to conclusions right now. We only know that there won’t be online co-op, at least as we’ve come to know it (meaning the local co-op we’ve seen previously).

    However, Nintendo’s page indicates that you’ll be able to play some sort of mode online. That might be inaccurate based on this latest news, but we’ll need to wait until more information is available. Something could be shown on Monday’s Nintendo Direct.

    • Jose

      Maybe you won’t be able to progress the story but you will be able to play with friends in free mode?

      • Andrew

        That would be better than nothing, as long as you can still level up the characters.

  • キロ

    That is a bit of a shame. I hope all becomes clear on Monday!

  • Tito

    It means…there shall be PvP added, war against each others? 8D

  • wisdomsprince

    Less likely to getthis game now. Wasnt really sold on it but my brother wanted me to get it to play with him online. Since it is not an option …well, i will still wait to see what in the direct

    • HarakiriKami

      Probably arena mode

  • *Facepalm* I’m not even going to complain about it. I am tired of complaining about Nintendo’s bad decisions. This is just one more of them and that is it.

  • Spookoyo

    Groose isn’t confirmed playable yet so there is no point in online play.

  • TalesOfBS

    Again, Nintendo had to screw up at something.

  • SecretX

    hahaha here we go again.
    fans will always rage about this.