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Igarashi on why he’s leaving Konami, thoughts on Lords of Shadow, Kickstarter an option for the future

Posted on March 18, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Kotaku was able to talk with Koji Igarashi before he officially announced his departure from Konami. He discussed why he’s leaving the company, the Lords of Shadow series and why it would have been difficult for him to be involved, and what lies ahead for the future (Kickstarter is a possibility!).

We’ve rounded up Igarashi’s comments below. Also be sure to check out Kotaku’s full article here.

On why he’s leaving Konami…

“I was at Konami for 24 years. Twenty two of those years, I made core video games. For two of them, I made social games.”

“I don’t dislike social games. I think there will be even more of a shift towards social games in Japan. And at Konami as well. I keep getting messages from fans, via Facebook and such, telling me that they wanted me to make consumer games. The people who like my games tend to play traditional video games. I’m in my mid-forties. If I don’t strike out on my own now, then when will I? The voices of those fans will just get softer and softer over time. I’m not getting any younger, and there are games I still want to make.”

On Lords of Shadow and not being involved with Castlevania…

“We made two 3D Castlevania games. And to be honest, they didn’t turn out so well. Mercury Steam is very skilled at creating beautiful 3D images, so they were brought in to develop the game.”

“It would’ve been difficult (to be in charge), with them in Europe and me in Japan. And since the quality for our 3D Castlevania games wasn’t that high, it wasn’t really our place to tell them how to do one. They had that expertise.”

“Looking from the outside, I think they did a good job. But for many fans, they automatically think 2D when they hear Castlevania. So there’s that to overcome. When we did our 3D versions, many fans said they preferred 2D. So because of that, it might be difficult to make 3D Castlevania games. Yes, of course, I was depressed (to no longer be in charge of Castlevania). But, I am a huge Castlevania fan. I want there to be Castlevania games for the next one hundred years. I want them to continue making those games. Certainly not (bitter). I didn’t create the franchise. It was something I worked on. Well, this is the next phase of Castlevania. I have a lot to be grateful for because of Castlevania.”

On the future…

“I was really inspired by the reaction that Keiji Inafune got with Mighty No. 9. It showed me that if you have the fans, you can provide them the games they want.”

“That’s an option (Kickstarter). There are many options, such as venture capital. I want to make games that people like, and that I’m good at. I haven’t decided yet, but maybe 2D.”


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  • I miss the Castlevania 64…it was damn cool, scary, bloody, difficult, puzzles, cinematics.
    Hell, I still remember that scene when Rose showers the white roses with blood to turn them red in the garden. Or even Frankstein following around in the garden maze with his statue dogs and a chainsaw…those were good times.

    • TalesOfBS

      That village scene was pretty good.
      I would be awesome if they had more money/time to finish it back in the days. It felt like a unfinished game for me. I mean, it had a good and simple gameplay, i liked that, but there were a lot of places in the game that looked like they were designed to have more than jut a torch that drops money. I remember that there were a lot of locked doors in Castle Center too and there are some useless secret items in the game that can be obtained with action replay.
      Also, before the game launch, i remember that the first image i saw of it on a magazine was showing Reinhardt running in the maze and he had a MP bar right below his life bar.

      • Brandon

        I may not be the biggest fan of castlevania but I like how people bash the n64 for not being true to castlevania in the form of 3D.
        my reaction to those people: yeah like lords of shadows 1 & 2 are any better because the lords of shadows games play more like god of war than castlevania. 😛

  • Castlevania is simply not the same if is trying to be like God of War.

  • Adam Elbahtimy

    I actually didn’t mind the 3d Castlevania games IGA made. They weren’t amazing or anything, but they were certainly deeper and had more personality than the LoS games. I really enjoyed crafting weapons and raising familiars in Curse of Darkness, and the combat and pseudo-dungeon crawling of Lament of Innocence was fun too. Better level designs and less combo-crazy combat would have made those games classics. N64 was the closest to real Castlevania in 3D. Interesting and organic level designs with lots of variety, straight forward and tense combat, good atmosphere, and lots of secrets.