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Igarashi says staggered content model being considered for Bloodstained, hasn’t started on Switch port

Posted on July 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Despite what we heard last year, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night may not opt for a staggered content model. If this is something the team decides to pursue, some features and content may come after the game’s launch.

That seemed like the plan back in 2016. However, creator Koji Igarashi has now said that a definitive decision has not been made. It’s something that’s being considered, and though the approach has certain benefits, “it’s something we’ll have to discuss later.”

Igarashi told Apptrigger:

“Right now, nothing is very set for Bloodstained yet. We are considering a staggered model for released content. We know the benefits of it; having content released separately, from time to time, also generates hype from having fans think about the game for longer. This is something that we haven’t really set yet, so it’s something we’ll have to discuss later.”

In the same interview, Igarashi was asked if the Switch version will feature a similar level of background detail as shown off in trailers. It’s likely, but the porting process on Nintendo’s console has yet to begin.

Igarashi said:

“Currently, we’re not in the middle of porting to Nintendo Switch just yet, but we are starting porting to PS Vita. In comparison to that porting process, we feel confident that the environments will look pretty similar, but we can’t say for sure until we really look into the Nintendo Switch specs and see what it’s like building a game for it.”


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  • Kalmaro

    By all means, take your time. I am more than willing to wait for this game to be done properly. I hate rushed products.

    Not like I don’t have enough games on Switch to play anyway, they have made a pretty good release schedule for this year.

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      that’s cool. I feel like everyone’s pretty much gong “but I want it nowww” whenever a game gets delayed.really bratty. It’s those people’s fault why Nintendo doesn’t give it’s games dates until a few months before it’s released.

      • Apfel

        no one wants it NOW…but last month KI said the’ve done 30%…in 3 years…
        By the way, big fan. Love your movies

        • Indielink

          2 years. Was funded in June of 2015.

          • Apfel

            you are right, my bad.
            still … it doesn’t look great

          • Indielink

            The last 9 months go a LONG way in making a game better. Remember how mediocre Mario 3D World looked at E3 2013 and then how it looked 5 months later at launch?

          • Apfel

            yeah…they’re far from that “last 9 months”mark.

          • Indielink

            I mean probably. I’m using they benchmark they set.

      • Kalmaro

        Totally. The hype is still real, naturally, but I want things to be done properly.

        Besides, everyone knows that the best games for a given console typically come later in its life, after developers have a better idea of what they are working with. Hopefully, by the time they start work on porting, things will be even easier for them and we won’t have to suffer things being removed just so the game can run well.

    • Exy

      They should by no means rush any part of production, but if the Switch version comes out much later than any of the others, it will reflect very poorly on the Switch.

      • Kalmaro

        I’m willing to accept that the Switch may just be harder to port to since it is new, though I heard Nintendo made a point of making the Switch easy to port to in the first place.

    • daizyujin

      EH this is nothing. You should have seen the Kickstarter for Shenmue 3 when it’s date was pushed back. It was actually refreshing. Nobody cared. Of course when you have already been waiting 15 years what is another six months?

  • Shinsuke Nakamura

    Careful there… Switch seems to have very strict policies with regard to patch size. That’s the reason why NBA Playgrounds on the Switch might be broken forever.

    Don’t want the same thing happens here.

  • DrWilly

    What a dumbass to not focus on the other portable that’s is and will be more revelant than the Vita when the game comes out.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      As much as the Vita is dead as dicks, I think it still has a larger install base than Switch.

      • Luke WalkingMoonTree

        I think DrWilly was saying that by the time the game comes out the Switch will have a larger install base than the Vita, which is extremely likely considering it’s going to come in 2018…

      • Tide

        Im certain the Vita has a large install base, but at this point i think the Switch has a larger active install base. I cant imagine the Vita still being that relevant to all its owners.

        • daizyujin

          You might be surprised. I know a lot of people who like it a bunch. Sure the Switch is more powerful but the Vita has a vastly larger library of games and is actually……..portable. I like my Switch and like taking it off the dock and playing on a couch but I just don’t see myself actually taking it places since I can’t fit it in my pocket.

          • Princess_Eevee9

            The Nintendo Switch is portable, just cause you don’t utilize the entire usefulness that is it’s portability doesn’t mean nobody else does. The VITA is crap, there’s no reason for them to be dragging their friggin behind now is unacceptable.

    • theFooFighter

      The vita version is going to be the significantly harder port. If they plan on releasing all versions within a certain time frame then they should definitely start with the vita

      • daizyujin

        Well we already know the Switch is very good for ports as long as it is an established engine such as Unreal or Unity. I don’t know how well porting works for proprietary engines but correct me if I am wrong but I think this is being made in Unreal.

        • theFooFighter

          Yeah it’s unreal 4 so it really shouldn’t be much of an issue.

  • AquaBat

    Of course, the thing that was near certain before is now “definitive decision not yet made”.
    And zero progress on the port they announced months ago after cancelling the previous gen port! More focus on the literal dead handheld! (God forbid they release it on the Wii U, though, naturally)
    And the prequel mini-game stretch goal for 3DS? *cricket chirps*
    Thank Kickstarter Jesus for early refunds!

    • Indielink

      The Vita is still scraping by in Japan. More than can be said of the WiiU

      • Tide

        Wii U has had production stopped and its deemed done by Nintendo. The only thing dead about Vita is 1st party support.

        • Indielink

          Vita is a great indie machine, I will totally give it that. But it is pretty weak in the US and very much slowing down in Japan.

          • daizyujin

            In the West it is a great Indie machine but in Japan it still gets some A and B level games on a consistent basis especially if you like JRPGs.

      • AquaBat

        By 2018 the Vita will be rotting in a grave. Releasing a port for it at all let alone focusing on it would be suicide.

        • Indielink

          Switch has native support for Unreal 4. Literally all they need to do is press a button and do some tinkering to get it running on Switch. Vita requires a lot more work. Hence Vita starting first.

          • AquaBat

            Well, if it’s so easy, why didn’t they finish it months ago when they announced it? Or even START working on it?

            Need I remind you, the Vita version is not being developed in-house, but the Switch version is. Why would Iga’s team care about “focusing” on a port that they hired someone else to develop? Has Armature been sitting around twiddling their thumbs or something? They’re the ones who volunteered to handcraft a form of UE4 that would work on Vita.

          • Indielink

            Because the Switch isn’t the lead platform…finish it on the other stuff THEN push the button to bring it over.

            I am well aware the Vita is not being worked on in house. I don’t think Armature just volunteered and is doing it out of the goodness of their collective hearts. Both teams are probably working together on getting that version into a good working shape. Like I said, the Vita is going to require a lot more work so it is being given more time.

          • AquaBat

            Then why bother announcing that a Switch version is in progress if it’s not actually in progress?

            And need I remind you that this project garnered millions of dollars, and that they can afford splitting into multiple teams for multiple consoles? Or do you just assume that every multiplatform game is worked on one platform at a time?
            They already have the PC prototype, and like you said, it’s very simple to port that to the Switch.
            They don’t even have to finish it. Just START porting it.
            They haven’t even done that.
            They are insisting that they are putting all of their focus on a port being handled by someone else before literally ANYTHING else.
            That is ridiculous and shows signs of mismanagement.

          • Indielink

            You are ignoring everything I have said. You seem to be under the impression that the game is built from the ground up on every platform. Progress on the PC version IS progress on the Switch version. Because they are done in the same engine anything done on PC will very quickly and easily carry over to the Switch. They could literally do the code changes with what they have right now in like 3 days and have it running on Switch. But why do that NOW before the game is finished? They would just have to do the coding again any time they changed anything.

            Think of Snake Pass which was also built in Unreal. They only started the Switch version within 3 months of release WHILE they were doing quality assurance on the other versions.

          • AquaBat

            The Switch version of Snake Pass was announced LATER. You know, so they would actually have something to show for it quickly after announcement instead of literally nothing for several months.
            Also, Snake Pass didn’t begin as a Kickstarter from 2015. And already released several months ago instead of keeping people waiting until 2018.
            Have you gotten it through your thick skull now?
            This is mismanagement of a project, plain and simple.
            Also, way to go focusing on only one part of my initial post and dragging this pointless charade on for two days now.

        • daizyujin

          In the US sure but in Japan, probably not. Hell they just released a new orange version around six months ago and I know they had a commercial on television a few months ago. That is nothing like here.

          Remember Iga is Japanese, he lives in Japan so he sees what goes on around him in Japan where the Vita is doing well, has a large established fan base, and is well liked.

    • daizyujin

      Well if they have just started the port to Vita I would venture to bet they never actually started the Wii U port anyways.

  • Jesiah Grant

    Backed the $300 Signed Collectors Box, by all means take your sweet time 🙂 Can’t wait for the day it all arrives int he mail with my switch version 😀

    • Apfel

      if it comes

      • Jesiah Grant

        Lol it will eventually 😛

        • Apfel

          physical? Are you that sure? Expensive carts are expensive….
          I hope I’m wrong.

          • Jesiah Grant

            I wont be using my cart, I get a digital code too 😀 gonna keep that baby sealed. Interesting that they are more expensive then discs .

  • Adrian Brown

    “Currently, we’re not in the middle of porting to Nintendo Switch just yet, but we are starting porting to PS Vita.”

    So let’s prioritize a dead console over the hottest selling console. Genious.

    • Yolkghost

      You have to realize the Vita has been on the market longer and the campaign started before the switch was revealed. Of course they’re starting Vita development first,they probably have experience with it.

    • daizyujin

      As I said above, Iga is Japanese, lives in Japan, the Vita is doing well in Japan still. It has a larger install base than the Switch. If you think about it from that perspective this makes more sense.

      • Ashleyasmith

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  • Adrián Alucard

    The game looks really bad. As a Castlevania fan I’m dissapointed with Igarashi

  • JasonBall

    Indies are either rushed and turn out to be trash or take 10 years of painful slow development and then turn out to be trash.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      That… is just plain wrong dude. I know you have strong opinions against indies in general cause they aren’t the big companies, but that’s no excuse for ignorance and crapping on peoples work by saying Indies in general are rushed.

      • JasonBall

        Okay yeah I exaggerated. There are some good ones.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Mighty Number 09 2…?

    This is a game we really should have gotten already.

    • daizyujin

      I would say Mighty Number 09 3. Mighty Number 09 2 was Yooka Laylee.

      • Travis Touchdown

        I strongly doubt Yooka was that bad.

        • Ardisan

          I played both of them and they didnt seem that bad at all. Think the internet just exaggerates as usual.

  • Vigilante_blade

    Why hasn’t it started yet? We have paid equal money for it. I hope that it won’t release later than the other versions…. as third parties are want to do…

  • daizyujin

    He also stated at E3 that he was confident in the Switch port mainly because of it’s ability to port games built on established engines. Hopefully this comes out well.

  • Reggie

    I like how people are complaining about them porting to Vita yet also complained that Yooka-Laylee wasn’t coming to Wii U.

    Just saying.

  • StuOhQ

    Oh, Jesus. Backed this thing WAAAAY back. Was happy to hear it was moving to the Switch, but they’re not even porting it yet.

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