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Kamiya comments further on Bayonetta 3 – “talked a lot about it internally” within Platinum

Posted on June 19, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Wii U

PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya has once again commented on the prospects of Bayonetta 3.

Speaking with Polygon, Kamiya noted that the potential project is “actually something I’ve been thinking a lot about.” Moreover, PlatinumGames as a whole has “talked a lot about it internally” with Kamiya having even come up with some outlines about the type of game it’d be.

Kamiya said:

“To answer your question straightly, yes. It’s actually something I’ve been thinking a lot about. We’ve talked a lot about it internally at the company and I’ve written some outlines for what the game would be. And I feel really confident it would be cool if we got the chance to make it. Right now, we’re looking at opportunities… If that opportunity ever came up to make Bayonetta 3, that would be really, really cool.”

This marks the second time we’ve heard from Kamiya about Bayonetta 3 within the week. He recently said that Platinum wants to make the title, and Kamiya has personal interest in a new Okami game as well.


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