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KnapNok, Gaijin, Black Forest, WayForward, and Two Tribes “have something pretty nice coming for Wii U owners” this week

Posted on January 26, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop


On Twitter, Two Tribes has teased something coming from the studio as well as other indie developers for Wii U this week. KnapNok Games, Gaijin Games, Black Forest Games, and WayForward are the other teams involved.

Two Tribes’ tweet is as follows:

No one has any clue what Two Tribes is teasing at this point, but they definitely have our attention!


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  • Jesus Eduardo Lara Ortiz

    I suppose, or I’m guessing, it might have to do with a Nintendo Direct.

    • Spookoyo

      Eh, probably a sale or something. I suspect a Nintendo direct to come around the Year of Luigi Finale.

      • PattonFiend

        For sure, definitely a sale… Too bad I already have all of those games…

  • Brandon

    I WAS interested…. but I saw two tribes was the one who posted it. I’m still mad about the toki tori 2+ level editor cancellation two tribes! WHY show a trailer of it when you say you will not release it on wii u EVER!? 🙁

  • Jacob Saunders

    Well two tribes put out a survey asking what indie games you owned. Every one of those were from one of these companies. I wonder what they’re planning. Some sort of special offer for those who bought many of those games or something to get new customers to buy their games.

  • Michael Mullins

    A collab, or something different from each company? If it’s the latter, I want A Boy and His Blob HD from WayForward.

  • I am Error.

    Man, I hope it’s some of those cool indie titles we’ve been teased with for months…

  • Byuu

    Nothing to be excited about. It’s just a sale on various indie games for the EU eShop this Thursday.

    • Yeahbut consider all the things it COULD be that it definitely isn’t.

  • SecretX

    Is it more games!!