Media Create hardware sales (12/9 – 12/15)

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December 18, 2013 by (@NE_Brian)

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

3DS LL – 130,710
Wii U – 74,903
3DS – 50,846
Vita – 30,440
PS3 – 23,959
PSP – 6,475
Vita TV – 5,506
Wii – 1,197
Xbox 360 – 536

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

3DS LL – 92,375
Wii U – 48,762
3DS – 32,894
Vita – 25,594
PS3 – 24,085
PSP – 4,416
Vita TV – 3,772
Wii – 767
Xbox 360 – 473

  • Megina

    What is happening in Japan?!? Wii U and 3DS XL are murdering all competition!

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Exactly how it should be.

  • Noo Badie

    Its because ps4 and xbox one not on the list

    • WellWisher

      Yeah the X1 is going to dominate Japan, lol.

    • Anders

      It’s because PS4 is not on the list.

  • Donalyn Dovale-Brown

    Lol at all the confusion in the comments, it’s like Nintendo has been saying all along-software sells hardware not the other way around, now that the other two have dropped and the initial adopters and fanboys have bought their lot they better start thinking about releasing compelling software themselves(and not barely visually upgraded ports) or else we’ll be talking about their doom sooner rather than later..

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