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Monster Hunter 4 getting new One Piece collaboration quest

Posted on December 17, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News


Capcom will release a new One Piece collaboration quest for Monster Hunter 4 next week. Players who complete it by defeating a huge Lagombi will receive materials to construct Clima-Tact, the weapon used by Nami in One Piece as well as materials to make Kabuto, Usopp’s weapon. The DLC quest launches on December 23.

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  • Adrian Brown

    MH+One Piece= Epicness

  • Linktoreality

    I really, really hope all this awesome anime DLC makes it to the US this time! Was very disappointed we didn’t get the Sgt. Frog mask in the last game.

  • LordDisco

    I really hope Nami’s staff is the Souchukon (New Insect Staff weapon). MH4 only has a couple variations of the staff that are even worth having, so it’s not a very broad weapon to invest in. It’s a great weapon, I just wish CAPCOM had more different monster variations that they currently have.

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