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One Piece


A third One Piece collaboration is planned for Monster Hunter 4. Starting on March 24, players can obtain Luffy’s Gigant Pistol and Zoro’s “Pirate Hunter’s Soul” in the form of three swords by completing a quest.

Luffy’s Gigant Pistol is a “Dual Blades” class weapon, featuring an attack power of 322 and a fire attribute of 120. Zoro’s “Pirate Hunter’s Soul” are “Great Sword” class weapons, featuring an attack power of 528 and a fire attribute of 140.



Capcom will release a new One Piece collaboration quest for Monster Hunter 4 next week. Players who complete it by defeating a huge Lagombi will receive materials to construct Clima-Tact, the weapon used by Nami in One Piece as well as materials to make Kabuto, Usopp’s weapon. The DLC quest launches on December 23.

One Piece: Romance Dawn is hitting Europe on November 29. In North America, the game will launch on February 11, Namco Bandai announced today.

Consumers can purchase Romance Dawn at GameStop, Club Namco, or EB Canada to obtain a Limited Edition Holographic Foil package. Each is individually numbered.

The latest screenshots from One Piece: Romance Dawn can be found above.

In the latest trailer for One Piece: Unlimited World Red, Namco Bandai announced that the Unlimited series as a whole has sold over one million copies in Japan. The Wii titles One Piece: Unlimited Adventure (2007), One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 1 (2008), and One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2 (2009) reached the mark collectively. Namco Bandai didn’t make it entirely clear if the 3DS ports were included.


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