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Nintendo reports Q3 2014 financial results

Posted on January 29, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, DS, News, Wii, Wii U

After slashing its forecasts for Wii U and overall business earlier this month, Nintendo has today reported its full fiscal results for Q3 2014.

Through the end of December, total Wii U hardware sales stand at 5.86 million worldwide, compared to the PlayStation 4’s 4.2 million units and Xbox One’s 3.9 million units. Software sales come in at 29.37 units. In order to meet its yearly Wii U hardware forecast, Nintendo must sell 400,000 units in the following quarter.

Other lifetime hardware sales include the Wii at 100.9 million units, 3DS at 42.74 million, and DS at 153.93 million. On the software side of things, Wii has shifted 829.34 million games, while the 3DS and DS have sold 152.29 million and 942.32 million games respectively.

Between April and December 2013, Nintendo moved a total of 2.41 million Wii U consoles. The 3DS performed fairly well having sold 7.43 million units during the same period – 7.43 million units of the XL mode, and another 2.11 million units of the 2DS release.

Other notable tidbits:

– Pokemon X/Y sales: 11.61 million units (as of December 31, for the full year)
– Tomodachi Collection: New Life sales: 1.82 million units
– Animal Crossing: New Leaf sales: 3.52 million units
– Mario & Luigi: Dream Team sales: 2 million units
– Zelda: A Link Between Worlds sales: 2.18 million units
– Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, and Super Mario 3D World sold over one million units each
– Net sales: 499.1 billion yen
– Overseas sales were 340.0 billion yen or 68.1 percent of the total sales
– Gross profit of 149.2 billion yen
– Due to depreciation of the yen against the U.S. dollar and euro, expenses that were initially quoted in foreign currencies grew when converted into yen, with total selling, general and administrative expenses exceeding gross profit, resulting in an operating loss of 1.5 billion yen
– Exchange gains totaling 48.1 billion yen due to depreciation of the yen at the end of this period
compared with the one at the end of the last fiscal year
– Ordinary income was 55.5 billion yen
– Net income was 10.1 billion yen


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  • sonicfan1373

    They are also doing a share buy back program which is good in three ways:
    1. Increase value in stock
    2. Appeases some shareholders who have been waiting for a few years for this
    3. Shows Nintendo is confident in their future because they, as a company, are purchasing 7% of the company back with their own money.

  • D2K

    Actually not bad. Not great, but not bad. If these results show anything, it is imperative that Nintendo get a Pokemon game on the Wii U ASAP. And I mean a REAL Pokemon game. 11 million sold of X and Y is pretty impressive.

    • Buff Troll Baby

      The only problem with that is that it assumes that handheld gamers and console gamers are the same market. This is not necessarily true, especially in Japan.

      • D2K

        It doesn’t assume anything. Nintendo has never really taken advantage of Pokmeon on consoles. Now with them having a least a decent online infrastructure (still needs works) the framework is there for a console Pokemon game.

        NOT listening to the fans is what has gotten Nintendo into trouble. Even Iwata has admitted this. Fans want a console Pokemon MMO. It’s time.

        • Funballons

          Ur whole original post was assuming….fail

          • Holyfire

            I’m a WiiU owner, and long time primary Nintendo gamer for years. Currently age 30, I agree 100% with D2K. Nintendo would only have to whisper the name Pokémon on the WiiU to send the audiences in a frenzy.
            And if Nintendo would try it once. Just one serious shot at a home console Pokémon MMO or just plain RPG (and not a spin off game, though another Pokémon Snap would work well on WiiU)
            I believe WiiU could very quickly be wiping the floor clean with PS4/XB1.
            Pokémon is a vastly well known franchise that heaps of ppl can get into. A huge IP. And could make for an utterly amazing adventure game. It’s already got the history, backstory, the Pokemon, the RPG elements, the characters. Honestly, how much work would it take just to do a full scale 3D build of the game for a home console?
            They have to try it once at least. And do it right, even if it takes ’em till 2016. Get that game out!

          • Absolutely agree. It doesn’t even have to be an MMO. Just an RPG console game with online multiplayer and Nintendo would be doing two things people want for a long time. A real Pokemon console game and more competitive online multiplayer on consoles.

            This is everyone Pokemon fantasy, so Nintendo should really consider it.

    • PattonFiend

      For once… I think we agree 😉

  • Joshua Kepler

    Xbox One @ 3.9 million, not 3 million. Don’t short change them.

    • Brian

      No short-changing intended, my good man!

      • linkenski

        Q3 2014… unintentional as well?

    • Keaundre Dawn

      Stop lying. They shipped 3.9 doesn’t mean they sold 3.9. Get your facts straight. Vgchartz has 3.3 Xbox ones sold compared to 4.7 ps4’s. Microsoft lied and said it was sold out worldwide yet you can find them in most stores & virtually every website. You can’t even find a normal 400 dollar ps4 on the web.

      • Joshua Kepler

        Oh boo hoo! There is a debate about the numbers. Fact is XB1 is selling. We’ve got plenty of PSFlops here at my two local GS’s, Walmart and PX, and I love in the middle of nowhere. PS4 has only been sold out because it launched in so many more countries and they stretched their resources thin, not due to demand.

        • Keaundre Dawn

          Yeah its selling but The PS4 will win the console war by far. Analysts have the ps4 selling 37.7 million to 29 million Xbox ones by 2017. The PS4 hasn’t even released in Asia yet. Once it does it will destroy the xbox in sales. The PS4 is still selling more consoles than the Xbox one in the US which is Microsoft home turf. Check VGchartz for more accurate info instead of claiming 3.9 cause Microsoft even released a statement clarifying what they said.

          • Clumsyman

            Guys please don’t get into this, both consoles offer different games and experiences. Pick one be happy, pick both be happy, just stop going on about this ‘console war’. I am happy with Playstation and Nintendo, doesn’t mean I hate Microsoft and think they a bad company, I just dislike a few things they do. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna come on here and talk about how “bad” they are doing, cause IMO I think they are doing pretty well.

          • Keaundre Dawn

            No I give Xbox all their credit in the world. But I hate when people bash PlayStation for no reason with no facts stated. So I simply brung in facts by analysts & IGN. I personally think Playstation is better but I never bash Xbox. I simply point out facts. I also hate that Microsoft misleads people on how many consoles they have sold. 3.9 shipped doesn’t mean 3.9 sold.

  • Funballons

    Ouch, Nintendo not doing so hot especially with the wiiU flop.

  • Holyfire

    Nintendo are doing so financially OK. Even in their worst case scenario, they’re still ending up wealthier. can’t believe how so many ppl doom their business to failure.
    Nintendo are worth more than Sony World Wide, and SCE’s life time financials probably can’t touch Nintendo, and XBOX division has been an utter financial disaster for M’soft from the get go.
    Out of the big 3, Nintendo is the most likely to survive the future in hardware gaming

    • linkenski

      But considering their loss this year and ranking if it continues like that, it won’t be many years before they’re insignificant :S

  • Acesonnall

    I believe it’s Q3 2013 😛

    • I notice that too. lol