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Reggie – fan feedback, NWC success and future, Zelda Wii U, amiibo, EarthBound, and more

Posted on June 21, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Videos, Wii U

Reggie Fils-Aime

GameSpot has put up an 18-minute interview with Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America. Topics include fan feedback, the Nintendo World Championships, Zelda Wii U, amiibo, EarthBound, and more.

You can watch the interview in full below. We also have a summary available for the entire interview.

– Nintendo sees how people are reacting to the Digital Event through real-time social media, what people are commenting on
– Reggie says Star Fox Zero has been showing really well, big lines on the show floor
– Super Mario Maker, Yoshi’s Woolly World did well also
– Reggie says Metroid Prime: Federation Force “is a tough concept”
– Nintendo tried to communicate that there’s no Samus, gameplay is different in the Digital Event
– Since they heard that it wasn’t entirely clear, Nintendo spent time on Metroid Prime: FF during Treehouse Live
– Reggie heard that the reaction to Blast Ball “has been quite fabulous” from those who have played it
– Nintendo World Championships targets for simultaneous views, VOD views immediately after
– Both of those targets were blown away
– Nintendo doesn’t have a formula for E3 that is locked in for years
– Super Mario’s anniversary, Super Mario Maker, Splatoon made sense for the Nintendo World Championships to return
– Feedback of the NWC was phenomenal, so Nintendo will consider how they might do it more regularly
– Nintendo wanted to showcase games launching in the 6-9 months at E3
– Reggie said Nintendo breaks its own rules “all the time”, but this is generally the company’s mentality
– Nintendo was worried that “showing wonderful footage” of Zelda Wii U “would lead to further disappointment on behalf of the fans”
– Nintendo will have many opportunities to show Zelda Wii U
– Reggie has seen how Zelda Wii U has been progressing, and it will be “wonderful”
– Nintendo also feels that it had more than enough content for E3, so they didn’t want to pour salt on wounds
– “The state of the Wii U is quite strong”, had a strong year
– Nintendo feels that if it continues putting out great software, it’ll drive the install base
– “The support we’re getting from third-parties continues to be there”
– Reggie says the Skylanders announcement “has been incredibly well-received”
– Splatoon “performing exceptionally well”
– Strong sell-through for Splatoon globally
– Nintendo’s online presentations are done internally, though they have some external support
– For Nintendo’s E3 2015 announcement video, there was a script, but some things were made up as they went along like Reggie firing Bill (this was unscripted)
– With the Nintendo Direct Micro, they thought it’d be fun for Bill to be small, working his way up
– Nintendo is “extremely pleased with amiibo”
– Nintendo knows there is some frustration with amiibo, and is committed to improving the flow of product, which Reggie says they’re delivered on
– During the 30-day time period for the most recent amiibo launch, Nintendo sold through about 1 million units
– Nintendo is now looking forward to the different forms of amiibo
– Nintendo will continue experimenting with the amiibo form factor
– For a dedicated amiibo game, Nintendo isn’t announcing anything
– However, the Treehouse team and Reggie visit Japan and share their wishes with the developers, and have communicated that there is a strong opportunity for an amiibo-dedicated game
– Nintendo will continue delivering unique, compelling, and differentiated experiences
– Tomodachi Life was one of last year’s big surprises
– EarthBound: Nintendo knows about the love for the franchise, thought Beginnings was a great way to service the fans
– Nintendo knows the love is there for EarthBound, and will see what happens
– In terms of releasing Beginnings, there are a lot of consumers who don’t know the fundametal series, and thought it’d be best to bring them back to the beginning
– Reggie says the industry loves focusing on the shiny new thing, which is currently virtual reality
– Reggie believes that VR will take off when it’s inherently fun and socialable/shareable


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  • Operative

    ““The support we’re getting from third-parties continues to be there”


    “Nintendo knows there is some frustration with amiibo, and is committed to improving the flow of product, which Reggie says they’re delivered on”


    ” Reggie said Nintendo breaks its own rules “all the time”, but this is generally the company’s mentality”

    Then they aren’t really rules.

    • Kazu

      These answers are just crazy.

      The only third party games the Wii U gets some love of, are from the indie developers.

      People hate amiibo cause thats all Nintendo cares about their home console since Sm4sh. Failing to provide the quantity of the dolls needed just makes it worse.

      Would be great if they broke the rule of creating stupid spin offs like Animal board game and Metroid FF along with some sci fi football game. They actually believe those spin offs are good. It’s a shame that these will actually sell, mostly cause of their title.

      • Exposer

        Actually the co works with Namco, Activision, Platinum, ATLUS and Koei are something and since amiibos sell well its pretty obvious that they will focus on that, but for that are the directs no the E3. And what about the salt against Metroid, God ita still in develop.

        • Alessandro Previti

          I don’t know why we count just Ubisoft, Bethesda and EA as third party.
          Wii U has third party support from Japanese companies.

          • TalesOfBS


        • Kazu

          i dont consider Skylander a noteworthy game. It also requires doll collecting,ugh… Atlus has made tons of games and profit from the 3DS, one Wii U game shouldnt be a surprise, even though it looks great. Koei Tecmo made Hyrule Warriors, it was sure to succeed since its a Zelda mix up. Seeing how good they did, they now release Fatal Frame, which people from the west wanted for solong, but even then, they showed no trailer of it during E3(besides treehouse). Platinum didnt really put much effort into Star Fox Zero either, in my opinion. Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 were amazingly made,but thats it. The salt about Metroid is clearly because its no Metroid game, its a Shooter, on small map stages,that all you can is pew pew pew and use some stupid abilities. No adventure in it, no puzzles, nothing. The graphics are also terrible. They should have made this on the Wii U along with some of the elements it’s missing. Im sure the lore of it could be also great. But now, it just looks as a 5/10 game at best.

    • KH


      Before you laught it off, try to atleast look at what he is talking about, the third parties they have may be “useless” but they are still there for some stuff, they have:
      – Koei Tecmo(Fatal Frame and HW)
      – Bandai Namco(Project Treasure)
      – Activision(Skylanders and that new amiibolander thing)
      – Square Enix(DQX in Japan)
      – Platinum Games(Bayonetta, W101, co-developing SF0),
      – Next Level Games*
      – Warner Bros (LEGO games)
      – Disney (Disney Infinity)
      – Ubisoft (Just Dance and Rayman)
      – Indie devs.
      – Valhalla Studios (Devil’s Third)

      A lot of the things may be shovelware, but it is still 3rd party support present in the console, so Reggie’s words hold true.

      Also the amiibo thing, we all know it is true, or hae you missed the news of various restocsk of rare amiibo? It is obvious that they are working on the situation, and those restocks are clear evidence of it!

      And haven’y you heard the saying that rules were meant to be broken?

      * Even though they said theywould now work only on Nintendo games, we haven’t heard of a contract being signed, so legally they cannot be referred to a 2nd party, so they are a 3rd party

      • Serveo Eternal

        THANK YOU. Seriously they literately cannot keep them in stock because they sell so dang fast. If you add in the stuff that was out of their control Dock strike, SCALPERS, Factory destroying the yarn yoshi, STEALING A LORRY. These scalpers mean business. And their is literately nothing they can do short of Doubling or tripling production as he said he was going to do. But people just need someone to blame, So they ignore what he says and just go after him.

      • Thomas_NE

        Is it really called third party support when Nintendo foots the entire bill for development? Plus some of those came out ages ago, I mean you might as well count EA because they gave us an NFS game near the launch.

        • KH

          Sony did the same for Street Fighter V, they still call it a third party exclusive, so yes, it counts. The oldest things there are W101 and Rayman which was 2 years ago, everything else is from a year ago, to be released, or has seen or will see a release soon, like DQX which saw the release of DQX 3.0 on April, so by that logic only two can get taken out of the list, and that wouldn’t still that 3rd party from that list.

      • TalesOfBS

        Koei Tecmo(Fatal Frame and HW) Nintendo
        – Bandai Namco(Project Treasure)
        – Activision(Skylanders and that new amiibolander thing)
        Square Enix(DQX in Japan) Region locked MMO.
        Platinum Games(Bayonetta, W101, co-developing SF0) Nintendo
        Next Level Games* Wii U, where are U?
        – Warner Bros (LEGO games)
        – Disney (Disney Infinity)
        – Ubisoft (Just Dance and Rayman)
        – Indie devs.
        Valhalla Studios (Devil’s Third) Nintendo

        Third Party support? Really? Are you people really this desperate trying to find excuses?

        • KH

          HOLD IT!

          It isn’t confirmed that Nintendo owns Fatal Frame, and Koei Tecmo was the developer of Hyrule Warriors, so even if it is Zelda, it is still Koei Tecmo *rewrites Koei Tecmo in the list*

          It is still a game, it seems you are the desperate one trying to find ways to dismiss the support that Nintendo receives *readds SE to the list*

          PG is a mutual support situation, if PG wanted they could just deny to make the game, and do not support them at all. *readds PG to the list*

          Keep up with the news, hun. If you would, you would know that Next Level Games has been working on a mysterious Wii U game. *readds NLG to the list*

          Again mutual support, afterall the game was mainly done by the time THQ went down, Nintendo approach them to publish it, Valhalla accepted to support Wii U by releasing the game on it, and Nintendo supported Valhalla by publishing the game *readds Valhalla Studios to the list*

          You are the one that sounds like a desperate Sonypony trying do dismiss what is clearly there. Stop being a foolish fool that merely spouts foolish foolishness, though that should be expected from of a foolish fool with such a name, that clearly marks what it comes to.

  • Kaine Morrison

    “– Nintendo was worried that “showing wonderful footage” of Zelda Wii U “would lead to further disappointment on behalf of the fans””

    They changed the Art Style!

    • Exposer

      Why? It was very cool one.

    • Kazu

      That, or they toned it down

    • paidenthusiast

      Meaning that the new Zelda will be redesigned for the NX but still ported to the Wii U thus making it a cross gen release

  • Exposer

    Nintendo World Championship must return in 2016, the Metroid games look decent so watch out for the salt, we need a better distribution for amiibos and maybe some other franchises than Mario, honestly i will pay for a Fire Emblem line up or a Pokemon one, and a game that looks like a new Ip like a RPG maybe, no another Mario Party, i still think that third party sucks, but its required for a good system to succeed, work with Zelda in future directs and please do something for your old ips, Mother, Dog Hunt, Takamarus castle and Kid Icarus were a good start.

  • The truth-ier

    Basically, we will be late to vr when it happens, basic pr answers that dont explain how early they launched, and are in 3rd place in every metric besides toys lol, if he really believes that crap he said….you can expect more wii u disasters in there future.

  • Emufred

    How this direct could have been better

    -Show ACTUAL gameplay in the Smt x fe trailer

    -Rodea sky soldier trailer

    -fatal frame v trailer, you know, the game you co-owned?…

    -Devil’s Third trailer

    -Fast Racing Neo, the developers that actually praises and pushes the Wii-u?

    -Nindies Representation? Where is it?

    That Tantalus third party that’s supposed to be shown this year??

    It’s like they didn’t even want a decent digital event.

    • mofi

      They adressed some of your concerns during the treehouse. There was SMT X FE gameplay footage aswell as Fatal Frame. I´m sure Devil´s Third will get a dedicated direct before its August release. But yeah i´d like to know aswell what the deal is with that Tantalus port and that Retro game

    • They showed all the indies before e3

  • DKing

    A few things I have to get off my chest:
    1) What 3rd party support do you have? Sure, you have strong 3rd party on your handhelds if that’s what you are referring to. Regarding the Wii U, it’s practically non-existent. Even the Wii had more 3rd party support than the Wii U has currently. Make amends with them for whatever you did during the 4th and 5th generation and start promoting them a bit more. Make your policies Collaborate with them more to give games that people want (not everyone gives a damn about something like Skylanders since involved collecting goddamn toys to get a full experience.)

    2) I hate that you ever introduce those damn Amiibos. Whether or not the scarcity is intentional, you have been very irresponsible regarding those damn toys. On top of that, you are focusing way too much on those things than making games. And the worst part about those things is that they act as day 1 DLC. While their usefulness is unimportant and irrelevant to the games like Smash 4 and Yoshi’s Wooly World, the Amiibos have become more problematic with games like Splatoon (which has additional missions) and Fire Emblem Fated (additional characters that could have been regular paid DLC, though they should be already in the game in the first place.)

    3) Majority of the reactions towards this year’s Digital Event have been overwhelming negative. You may have the most games coming out this year compared to Sony and Microsoft, but you spend too much time talking about Yoshi Amiibos, small, filler titles, games that have already been announced and talked about to death through out last year and the beginning of this year and games no one wanted (e.g. Federation and that Animal Crossing board game) The lack of indies at that Event was very unusual and you didn’t even talk about games like Devil’s Third and Fatal Frame. Why?

    4) Stop marketing yourselves to children. Most children are either playing on the Xbox One, PS4, or even on the PC to an extended. Your older consoles, from the NES to the GameCube, catered to both the casual market and the hardcore market. You started the great Nintendo Hard trope for Christ’s sakes, but you have been casualizing your game’s mechanics just to appeal to casual players. The casuals have moved on to mobiles or even to the competition. Stop ignoring your fans and listen to what they want. Slapping them across the face or pushing them aside is going to cause you to fail in the future.

    5) Give the fans what they want. An actual new Metroid game, new F-Zero, localize Mother 3 (Mother 1 is a great start), bring back older IPs like what you did with Kid Icarus, create new IPs (you do make them, but barely promote them. Splatoon is a good step in the right direction), etc. We purchase your products, we are entitled to get what we want. You need us more than we need you. You are going to alienate more and more of your fans the more you ignore them.

  • Aiddon

    So the best criticism that people can come up with is that Nintendo did not adhere precisely to their wish lists. So I guess E3 just stopped with the Digital Event and that the NWC and Treehouse Live were mass hallucinations and thus don’ count. Seriously, it’s times like this where I just cannot take complaints seriously because they are unreasonable and whiny.

    • MetaPlay

      Exactly my thoughts!

      • link2metroid

        Yeah people. Don’t you realise you can play NWC and Treehouse Live? Who would be sick of seeing yet more footage of games that have been shown endlessly before?

        • Serveo Eternal

          You mean like fatal frame or chibi robo,etc. Yes they showed alot of games we already knew about but that doesn’t mean they didn’t show new games. They just showed new games you don’t care about.

          (If you didn’t plan to say anything related to the inb4’s then just ignore them.)

          “I do care about some of those games”

          Then you just threw your argument out the window.

          Inb4 again

          “How did I throw my argument out the window”
          You were complaining about them showing games we have already seen. So you are saying that you do care about those new games which contradicts what your original statement.

    • Emufred

      But you have to admit that the direct could have been better, I mean why exclude fatal frame and devils third?

      But yeah if it weren’t for the NWC, smash
      Direct and treehouse, it would have been disastrous.

      • Serveo Eternal

        Let me guess.
        1) For fatal frame can you imagine how many pansy tumblrinas would have gotten triggered from fatal frame, You and I both know that they would cry and whine about suicide and her alternate clothing . My guess is that the reason they didn’t have it their was because how much it was going to clash with their E3 design this year.

        2)As for devil third they probably didn’t have a playable demo ready by the time left for E3 so that’s why it was left out. Seriously people, it isn’t that hard to think about why these games were left out. I guess some people like to complain.

        • TalesOfBS

          And some people like you don’t like to think.

          The lack of them made a lot of people think they were not going to be show at the tree house.

          Stop being blind people.

    • Serveo Eternal

      Yeah it is getting really annoying.

    • Thomas_NE

      “So the best criticism that people can come up with is that Nintendo did not adhere precisely to their wish lists.”

      Or, you know, that it looks like the Wii U has about 5 games coming in the next year or so? Nintendo isn’t willing to tease, and that makes them seem in a worse situation than they are. When they’re already not doing too well, sales-wise. Why not get people excited about the future instead of being cautious?

      Nintendo did 10-minute in-depth pieces on games like Mario Maker and Wooly World — great games, but we already know them too well and nothing new was revealed.

      Notice the lack of games wish list in my post?

      • Serveo Eternal

        Ok let’s say the nx is a new console. And it it reveled next year at E3. The thing isn’t coming out until holiday 2017. Meaning we still have 2 Years with left with the thing. Combine that with the fact that they have directs all the time. It is crazy to think we won’t get new games until their new console. Also they stated that their e3 this year was for games that are coming this year early next year.

      • Aiddon

        Are you done with your pouting? Because I was done with listening to it ages ago. Moving on.

      • TalesOfBS

        Sheeps will always sheep and defend their screws ups no matter what. Literally the cancer that is killing Nintendo.

    • Hans Engnell

      Just to compare, Sony DID adhere precisely to people’s wishlists. Not bad. Come on, everyone knows Nintendo didn’t have a good E3 this year. It’s not a secret, really.

  • Bcardia

    The more this guy opens his mouth, the more I want him to leave.
    He is spouting bogus nonsense while ignoring the huge amount of disappointment and anger caused by the poor excuse of an E3 conference. He desperately tries to calm the waves, but all he actually does is adding even more fuel to the fire.

    • DKing

      And it pisses me off that the zealots are blindly defending this. I want Nintendo to reclaim their crown and get back their glorious days and whip this industry back into shape. Unfortunately, the poor leadership and the blind loyalists is making it very hard for the company to succeed.

      • nekoknight

        Well I guess that makes me one of those blind zealots who p*s you off then. Yes, I was disappointed in the Digital Event. But overall, I am very happy with where Nintendo is at right now and with the direction their heading. I am not a hardcore gamer, I am a Nintendo fan. Is that so wrong, my friend?

        • TalesOfBS


      • TalesOfBS

        Blind loyalists are killing Nintendo.

    • nekoknight

      The more this guy opens his mouth, the more I want him to stay! I think Reggie Fils-Aime is fantastic and I’m glad that he’s with Nintendo. Am I the only one who feels this way?

    • TalesOfBS

      Exactly. NoA need someone who understand this side of the World, Reggie has showed more than enough how he is just a useless meme guy now.

  • Ritsuka Trap

    So much BS PR talk of Reggie and nothing really important. Move on people….

  • Logan Wayman

    Everyone! What Reggie says isn’t BS! This is all true! I mean yeah, they’ve had quite the amount of contradictions within the company here and there, but that doesn’t change a thing in this interview!

  • link2metroid

    Reggie is so full of $h1t.

    • Serveo Eternal

      As much as you don’t want to admit he is right about most of what he said. Not all of it but most of it.

  • Gosh Reggie, you’re a regular Baghdad Bob.

  • Snackster1001

    “Nintendo also feels that it had more than enough content for E3, so they didn’t want to pour salt on wounds”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… Seriously, they thought was ENOUGH?! 3 new wii u games shown and not including games that many Nintendo fans saw interest in (Devil’s 3rd, Fatal Frame, Project Treasure, Next level games & retro’s new projects, Tantalus’ wii u port, hell even The legend of Kay or Rodea the sky soldier). Zelda footage would’ve put LESS salt on the wounds many fans (Metroid, animal crossing, wii u, Nintendo as a whole) have right now

  • D2K

    From 40:37 This pretty much wraps up in a nutshell the relationship between Nintendo management and some Nintendo fanatics.

  • Hans Engnell

    So this is “game journalism”… Honestly, this “interview” is just embarrassing. The Wii U has had a strong year? It’s being outsold by a silly margin and continues to be sell about 1/10 of what the Wii sold every month. 2014 was its peak year, so we can expect it to go downwards from here. Although Splatoon is doing OK, it’s not selling consoles. Nintendo sold an abysmal 42 000 units in the US in May. That’s actually worse than in 2014 (61 000).

    • Serveo Eternal

      Splatoon is selling consoles. In japan no less. It’s been in the top 3 for 3 weeks since the game launched.

      • Hans Engnell

        Well. All sales in Japan are abysmal. It’s not like it’s reviving Wii U there or anything. Selling 15 000 units a week instead of 7000 doesn’t mean much to be honest.