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Super Mario 3D World producer discusses lack of online play

Posted on January 7, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Well before Super Mario 3D World launched, Nintendo made it clear that online play wouldn’t be included. It does feature Internet-enabled elements like ghost Miis and Miiverse support, but direct multiplayer is only available locally.

Shigeru Miyamoto previously said that online play “simply wasn’t the focus for us this time around.” He also mentioned how Nintendo wanted to make “something that people could experience fully while playing comfortably with others who were nearby them”.

Super Mario 3D World producer Yoshiaki Koizumi echoed similar thoughts while speaking with Game Informer this month. He also revealed an interesting tidbit: the staff over at EAD Tokyo have been experimenting with online play “since the days of Super Mario Galaxy”. But for Super Mario 3D World, the team decided to place the focus on gaming with others nearby.

Koizumi’s comments in full:

We’ve been testing online multiplayer since the days of Super Mario Galaxy, but with this title we really wanted to deliver an experience that you can share with family, friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend in the same place like you did with the original NES. We really want players to have fun in front of the TV, talking while they help each other out or get in each other’s way.


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  • Same excuse… over and over again. Giving the game an online multiplayer option doesn’t take anything away from the local experience. Is ridiculous how they keep giving us this exact same excuse every time they release a Mario with multiplayer.

    • Διονύς84

      “Giving the game an online multiplayer option doesn’t take anything away from the local experience.”

      Thanks for saving me from the trouble of writing that.

    • Mr. Foogy

      I think it’s more a matter of deciding at the start whether the feature will be an integral part of the game or not, and then developing the game on that basis, rather than just slapping it on. If they were to do online multiplayer, I think they’d want to come up with more unique and optimized ways to utilize the function in regards to gameplay. Local and online multiplayer both have strengths in my opinion, and therefore it would make sense that they’d want to make sure they could really draw on the strengths of each one.

      • I understand that point. But there are multiplayer games that just don’t need a lot of work, as far as ideas is concerned, to make them have online multiplayer option. 3D World is one of them.

        What are they waiting for? An experience that is “more enjoyable around friends and family” have been given to us in NSMBW, NSMBU and now in SM3DW. It is past the time to make a multiplayer Mario game with an online multiplayer experience.

        • Mr. Foogy

          I definitely agree that a Nintendo game focused around online multiplayer would be very interesting.

  • James

    Put it in anyway. Sometimes my friends and family don’t want to play with me and then I would like the option to play online when no one is around.

    • I can relate. It’s been weeks since I last played the game. I mostly played alone since my family and friends can’t gather that often to play games.

  • Koizumi is clearly unaware of the many Canadian girlfriends U.S. gamers have

  • SquareSide

    I’ve been waiting since New Super Mario Bros Wii for online MP. I don’t care if it’s their focus, just put it in…

  • セフィロス

    That is nice… but that doesn’t help me when I’m the only one in my house that plays these games XD

  • Wii U News

    Urgh. When I see that titles like Dr Luigi and Mario & Sonic Sochi
    2014 have online but Mario 3D World don’t, I really despair. I live in
    the UK, a country where the Xbox360 and mature games are king. Online
    play is almost essential if i’m going to get any mileage out of most
    multi-player games.

    The whole reason I skipped 3D World for
    other titles was because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to experience
    the multi-player portion of the game.

    FFS Nintendo, you say
    you’re going to attempt to win back the hardcore gamer crowd with Wii U
    but then keep making dumb decisions regarding online multi-player,
    focusing on casual titles for the first year of the consoles lifespan
    and continue to market it to imaginary people whose children largely
    play games with their parents.

    WAKE UP!

    • “Urgh. When I see that titles like Dr Luigi and Mario & Sonic Sochi
      2014 have online but Mario 3D World don’t, I really despair.”

      So true. The small dogs have online multiplayer but the big dogs don’t. How does that make sense? I also agree with your argument about Nintendo trying to win the hardcore. Tropical Freeze doesn’t have online multiplayer either so their efforts are really minimum.

  • Gigas Raid

    time to moving on from nintendo bs with brand new console from last november 🙂

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    Downvote me down to hell if you want, but I can see where they come from. When you have the option you make much less effort to bring your friends together and play, and that is just so great.. I had SO MUCH fun with this game laughing with people that otherwise would have jsut played online with me that I am actually happy it doesn’t have online MP.

    Also, the single player is excellent

    • It is a great single player experience, very true. But the game also shines greatly in multiplayer. And is true that multiplayer games are simply more enjoyable around other, but when you are the only one around who wants to play, you loose the multiplayer aspect of the experience. The online is an option.

  • Chazprime

    “online play simply wasn’t the focus for us this time around.”

    Mind telling us when the hell it ever was?

  • God Hand

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