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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Screenshot (07/01/14)

Posted on July 1, 2014 by (@NE_Jarop) in News, Screenshots, Wii U

Some more teasing from Mr Sakurai today, this time pertaining to Little Mac:

The pink sweatshirt looks really cool on Little Mac, so you can use that outfit in this game… How can a pink sweatshirt look so cool?

He doesn’t stop there:

Looks like some of you noticed that this version of Little Mac wasn’t shown at E3. There are many things, like Link’s Skyward Sword tunic design I posted earlier, that haven’t been revealed yet.

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  • Thomas_NE

    That’s awesome! Hoping for alt costumes like this for all the characters!

  • キロ

    I wonder if there is a possibility of Lucina simply being a Marth alternate outfit, now, because that would make sense in context, too. XD

    • Tylos

      It makes sense, I’d like it… But a bunch of people would lose it and get angry. I know, it’s happened just from bringing it up before: “Sakurai would never do something like that! It’s an insult to the character to make them an alt costume and not their own character! Even if it works and it would be cool! Marth with a Lucina alt or Chrom with a Lucina alt, doesn’t matter it’s an insult. Lucas can’t be a Ness alt either And Claus can’t be a Lucas alt, etc” I can kind of understand their argument but I still would prefer some alts to see character’s that might not return or be in be there even if they’re clone like. (ie. Falco)

      Anyways, in terms of actual costume speculation: Vanguard Ime would be awesome, Dr. Mario and Dr. Luigi, Protoman colour scheme for MegaMan, Meowser (jk… Or am I?), Marth and Ike (and Chrom…?) could also have some later ate colours referencing other past lord’s like Marth’s Leif colour scheme.

      • TalesOfBS

        The easy fix for FE characters is to bother Nintendo to let Tecmo make Fire Emblem Warriors. 😀

        But yeah, i don’t get it why people get so mad about alts. I would rather have an alt with the same move set (maybe a few changes to make it better) than no character at all.

        • Tylos

          So I’m not the only one who thinks so! Yes! I thought that’d be great, Emblem Warriors or something! Theyre making that SMTxFE game but I also thought: what about a FExTales Game? A lot of ideas flow, some of them make more sense than others but at least to me they’re all appealing (probably because I thought them up. Haha,)

      • キロ

        Excellent points all around, indeed, an alt as a homage to a character who is disguised as the character in this game anyway! XD Would be a nice compromise compared to not being there at all, but that’s just our opinion versus many, neh? XD

        • Tylos

          Yes sadly, or it could be the other way around, just that the people against it are more vocal about it and maybe more angry. It happens often that the few appear to be many because they are so adamant or strong. It could be equal numbers! I’d like Lucina in it though… Eldigan should be an assist trophy and he show up an doesn’t leave until you get Raquesis as an assist which is her only use to stop him from everyone… •_• jk. Bit more unique characters is also what I want. Give Chrom his Great Lord Outfit, make it so that some of his attacks are lance based and Lucina being his alt also give her her Great Lord counterpart. Even if she is more like Marth, to the point of having the same animations as his sprite on map in Awakening.

    • I hope so!

    • I think, particularly Lucina, would not work for Marth. It would be weird to see her being refered as Marth (unless is masked Lucina). And the voice over for Marth would sound wrong on a female character.

      I think an alternate costume more suitable for Marth would be Melee/Brawl Marth and Awakening Marth.

      • キロ

        Hmm I see your point, maybe if they get an ambiguous Japanese VA (assuming he’s only speaking Japanese this time too) like they often do with bishounen which can go both ways or something, it might work! A lot of things to work around for sure. XD

        • Tylos

          They got two different voices for WiiFit trainer: male and Femal Voice. I don’t know why they can’t do that for Lucina and maybe as a reference make it masked Lucina and when the announcer introduces her it’s Marth…? In a sort of unsure manner. It sound funny in my head.

          • キロ

            That would be a pretty fun way to do it! But I get the feeling we’re getting way too imaginative now and are going to be disappointed! XD

            Or pleasant surprised! You never know…

          • Tylos

            Hmmm… Autocorrect is somehow making my grammar appear worse than it is… The Irony. But back on track, yes we may be being too imaginative and will most certainly be dissapointed… Just not as much as the people asking for Ridley (but who knows?) and the Melee extremists who are already complaining. They won’t be satisfied unless Melee is just re-released in HD or something. But anyways, alt costumes have so much potential to be amazing throwbacks, references and Nostalgia fuel. I can imagine a Link alt being *Spoiler* Ravio and a Zelda one being Hilda. But it’s unlikely. Give link Pink hair too. LTTP link. So many costumes for Samus like prime based suit so that people don’t keep hating on Other M, and as for Zero Suit Samus… I can only think of the same thing many others have stated which is giving her the costumes from the End of other M, because otherwise her other costumes are too risqué and wouldn’t be used unless Team Ninja were involved.

          • I don’t think the Villager has a voice, but the WFT definitely has one for each gender. I think it could work if it is masked Lucina. I mean, she was impersonating Marth in Awakening, after all. That is the only way I could see the announcer calling her Marth and not be wierd. But she needs to have her own voice, no doubt. And since Marth has a very slender figure, there is no weight issue either.

        • There is definitely a way around it. Masked Lucina could be an alternate costume for Marth, but it needs a little extra work. The question is: Is Sakurai willing to do that extra work to include Marked Lucina as an alt. cost. for Marth.

          Honestly, judging by how popular Lucina and Awakening became, I really think he should consider it.

    • Shadowknight1

      Lucina as an alt for either Marth or Chrom(if he is indeed in the game) would make sense and I’d be behind either way.

  • superphillip32

    Looking very nice!

  • Joseph Klemm

    First, Little Mac’s “Bike Thief Chase” outfit FTW!

    Second, in terms of alternate outfits for other characters that I want to see, I have two simple words: Justin Bailey.

  • Love it! Hope Sakurai and co. go all out on alternate costumes.

    • TheWeasel

      You and me both.

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