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Tequila Works talks Rime Switch port challenges, possibility of using HD Rumble, more

Posted on May 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News

Update: GameReactor has now clarified that the team is targeting 720p in both docked and portable modes.

Original: GameReactor recently chatted with Rime creative director Raúl Rubio and game designer Kevin Cerdá. The two developers were able to comment specifically about the game’s version on Switch.

Rubio started out by saying that Tequila Works was “glad that Nintendo was interested in Rime, but as you can guess it’s still a lot of work.”

Cerdá followed up on Rubio’s words by weighing in on the challenges with bringing Rime to Switch:

“It’s probably the hardest one. (The plan is to achieve parity, as) obviously the biggest goal for us is that the experience is the same as in the big consoles, that it’s the same in terms of performance and graphics as well. So even if the game is going to look very similar on the surface, we’re actually tweaking a lot of things on how for instance the levels are built, how the assets, the props and the lighting and everything [work]. Because we obviously have different needs in terms of how the streaming system works, or the lighting, so basically we’ve rewritten the game”.

Next, Cerdá and Rubio had this to say about using Unreal Engine 4 on Switch:

“many people think that when you’re using powerful engines like Unreal it’s as simple as pressing the button to get different versions, right? It’s not that simple. Especially because, well, the architecture is totally different, the memory is totally different, hard drive is totally different.” – Rubio

“there’s that button, you can press it, ‘Make a Switch version’, but then when the machine does not work… (laughs). Then you have to figure out why and fix it! The interface for example, the interface for Switch has many things that we have to consider, like using the controllers or not, how the HD Rumble works on Switch, that kind of things…” – Cerdá

GameReactor also asked about Rime possibly including HD Rumble. Rubio said that they’d “love to”, but performance comes first. If there’s time to implement HD Rumble, then it may end up in the game.

Rime is targeted at 30 frames per second on Switch. When docked, it should hopefully have a 1080p resolution.


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  • DeltaPeng

    Interesting to hear more about how the dev work went

  • Melatelo

    Er the more I hear about developing for the system, the more I worry about the future of third party ports. On one hand you have heard that the platform is a lot easier to develop for when compared to Wii U…on the other, it’s still a real challenge when compared to PS4/XboxOne. I mean, there is a large power difference there. I wasn’t too familiar with just how much until recently.

    • Kristijlewis

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    • ben

      If you are an indie and you sell 60k on the switch and 5k on the ps4… you know that porting will get a whole lot easier.. (by the way that is what the sales have been like for indies since the switch launched. )

      • Melatelo

        How will porting get easier exactly? I’m not saying ports don’t sell. Where did I say that? That’s not what I’m saying. I’m purely talking about specs here, and how that’s already effecting the amount of 3rd party support the console is getting. Are developers going to spend the time and money to make a Switch version of Call of Duty? Of Star Wars Battlefront? Of Far Cry 5? I’d like to hope so, but I’m starting to doubt that. Every time I pass the Switch section at my local EB games it’s a sorry site. There’s literally 5 games on display. It’s early days of course, but I wonder what that will look like in a year from now. Obviously Nintendo is greatly supporting it with amazing games- but what else will we see? I hope not a repeat of Wii U.

        • ben

          Making money makes everything easier.

          Let me put it another way. If a publisher sees larger sales on the Switch then it will become the lead platform.

          This wont happen for Activision games and you should not expect them to push their games on the Switch. In fact, if the publisher expects to have some sort of bloated software to launch their games (battlenet, Ubisoft, EA) then don’t expect Nintendo to allow that crap on the switch.

        • dude don’t let yourself get filled up with worry, just let things work themselves out, besides, fall looks to be stacked. Plus, there seems to be a lot of potential gems coming digitally.

  • I don’t understand why it’s so hard for these devs but easy for so many others?