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Tiki, Caeda revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors

Posted on September 22, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch

At the Tokyo Game Show this week, Koei Tecmo revealed Celica as a new playable character for Fire Emblem Warriors. That isn’t the only new character announced at the expo, however.

Two more characters are confirmed. Both Tiki and Caeda are both joining Fire Emblem Warriors.

Caeda was technically known previously due to a leak from the new Nintendo Direct trailer. Tiki was also hinted at from a boxart leak. However, it’s the first time Koei Tecmo is confirming both characters for the game officially.

You can see the first gameplay of Tiki and Caeda below.

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  • Andres Marquez


  • Pachirisu
    • Vigilante_blade

      THey were confirmed weeks ago though.

  • Exposer

    “The “El Corte Inglés” leak is fake, there is no way Tiki, Celica, Lyn and Shiida are in the game” remmember that?

    • Addy

      Oh good, someone else call her by her proper name.

      • Exposer

        Well thats her name for us.
        Fun fact for Mexican people “Chido/a” means cool, thats why they joke with “Shiida es Chida”, “Shiida is Cool”.

        • That her Japanese name

          • Addy

            And in European versions.

          • what European?

          • Exposer

            In the rest of the world besides NA “Caeda” is called as her japanese name: “Shiida”, that includes Europe.

          • That not what I was asking LOL

          • Exposer


          • What European?

          • Exposer

            Which european country?

          • LOL never mind LOL I was just messing around

          • Addy

            Go here.

          • ronin4life

            Caeda is pronounced the same as Shiida. Heard from one place it may be pulled from a latin word

          • Aline Piroutek

            In Brazil we speak Caeda like “Ka”tamamari=Ca,”E”xciting=e,”Da” mn=da.

        • Addy

          And North Americans get the worse named characters and slightly more censorship.

          • Aline Piroutek

            That’s why I play Shadow Dragon in European localization.

      • JasonBall

        In my app it says Caeda

  • Aline Piroutek

    Now we need a Ballistican

  • Yooooo! They look so beautiful!

  • Zeebor

    I still find it weird Tiki has an amiibo before Lyn. Japan, why don’t you take a seat over here?

    • Exposer

      You want to destroy the world or what?

    • ronin4life

      If that is a Chris Hansen joke then lol.
      Because IIRC:
      *The West ranks higher in cp demand and creation than Asia, with the US in #1 for both.
      *in fact the US is seen as a bit of a joke when it comes to this, and many anime/manga make jokes about the US’ “younger tastes”
      *mass pedo rings are serious issues throughout western democracies, paticularly surrounding entertainment industries. Look up the major bust that happened in California around January of this year, Jimmy Savile from the BBC and all the nonsense from that, and the accusations leveled at Hollywood for decades now.
      *Lyn is 15. So, uh. Lol.

      • Pinkie-Dawn


        That’s what ticks me off about character designs in Japan. They make adult-looking characters like Lyn minors but make child-looking characters like Tiki adults in order to get past age of consent laws. This is why western governments needs to do more research on fictional character ages if they want to take cp laws seriously.

      • MagcargoMan

        The demand is lower in Asia because they already have more of it obtainable legally.

  • Vigilante_blade

    Okay, so where are Ike, Roy and Hector?

    • Waiting to be announced as post-game DLC. :’)

      But don’t worry, Ike will come for sure. They wouldn’t keep me from my husband.

      • Vigilante_blade

        Honestly, this would be much easier on us if they at least gave us some clarification. So close to release, I’m starting to lose hope here.

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out for the “Legends” version at this rate. Which would be a shame, but not surprising to me. They gotta save something for the inevitable expansion. :/

          • Vigilante_blade

            I think it would be terrible of Intelligent systems to put us through that.

          • Agreed, but that’s the pattern with Musou games.

      • Princess_Eevee9

        Puchi you shouldn’t encourage him, he’s not even serious and so meant people have brought logic to his face in peeps threads.

  • AidoruKatsudou

    Tiki’s moveset is super fun. Going from weak child to powerful god dragon is cool.

  • although it was right to choose Shadow Dragon Young Tiki. I hope there Awakening Tiki Skin.

    • ronin4life

      “But why does the dragon design look so different?” is what I want to know.

      I mean I know ‘why’, but what is the canonical excuse? Been bugging me since FE Heroes launched. :/

    • Addy

      “Awakening Tiki Skin”

      Also known as Nowi.

      • Pinkie-Dawn

        He’s actually referring to adult Tiki, which I don’t know how that’ll work as a skin due to height differences.

  • ronin4life

    The way Ceada holds her spear really bugs me… it isn’t a sword you know…

  • Jack Red

    Is it just me, or does this game look better than Hyrule Warriors? I get that the systems are completely different in power, but I just expected the HW engine to get port over to the Switch.

  • Pinkie-Dawn

    That only leaves Navarre as the last one to be revealed.

  • Symbol de Au

    Loli Tiki is a pretty iconic character so I always expected her to be in.

  • MagcargoMan

    Expected, but good to finally actually see a Shadow Dragon character besides Marth himself.

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