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UK: Nintendo is the third biggest publisher of 2017, sales by platform

Posted on December 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, General Nintendo, News, Switch, Wii, Wii U

GamesIndustry has provided new information about gaming sales in the UK this year. The site breaks down the top five publishers by UK sales as well as sales by platform.

In terms of publishers, Nintendo ranks third when it comes to boxed sales. That’s behind EA (16.8%) and Activision Blizzard (15.6%), but ahead of Ubisoft (9.7%) and Sony (8.3%).

GamesIndustry also has the following breakdown of sales by platform in 2017:


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  • Pepperkeet

    UK proves once again why they needed to be defeated, awful awful taste.


    Well I always knew the UK was Sony fanboyland but I always knew it was Nintendo’s weakest market since the NES.

  • Radish

    First Brexit and now this. UK is an embarrassment.

    • Tlink7

      At least they don’t have Trump for president 😛

  • Drybonekoopa85

    That’s funny that Nintendo is beating out Sony gaming studios when the UK prefers the PlayStation. Goes to show what is clearly selling PlayStation consoles. Third parties not Sony gaming studios.

  • Mark

    It’s interesting to see the differences between regions in sales, especially the contrast between Japan and Europe.

    I read something about how in Europe, it’s Sony, not Nintendo, that gets the benefit of nostalgia. Apparently, localizing games into multiple languages was a complete nightmare on the tiny amount of space offered in PAL SNES carts, and as a result they never got some of the best and most iconic SNES games. Console gaming didn’t really get mainstream over there until the PS1 era, and the PS1’s games were phenomenal – instant loyalty.

    It’s not ‘fanboyism’ to prefer one company’s games over another due to your experiences with them; it’s just common sense. It’s fanboyism if you irrationally support your console of choice, ignoring its flaws while ignoring the merits of the others.

    Just sayin’.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Even Harry Potter from GBC had a lot of language option.

    • Vive

      First of all Europe isn’t just one market, but more markets in one: for example in France Nintendo has the largest market share.

      I don’t know about home console gaming (my first home console was the PS2), but handheld gaming was already very popular since the Gameboy / Gameboy Color.

      Then i’ve to tell you that today most of EU console gamers as far as i know have terrible tastes: these are the kind of gamers who buys a console for FIFA, Call of Duty, GTA and few other titles. This is the dream for companies like EA who don’t care about the quality of their products.

      • hi v3.0

        That’s no different than America lol other than the fact there’s a lot more people who kinda likes Nintendo

      • Mark

        I’m well aware that Europe is a lot of markets (with a lot of languages), but it’s this very fact that meant that SNES support was truncated in the early 90s. The PAL SNES missed a lot of the classic games that came over in North America. Most text-heavy games just didn’t get translated into all those languages. Europe didn’t get Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy II or III, Super Mario RPG, Kirby’s Dream Land 3, EarthBound, Ogre Battle, among hundreds of others. These make up most of the best SNES games out there.

        There were only 8 million SNES sold in Europe. Compare that to the PS1, which sold 36 million in Europe – 4.5 times more, and the PS2, which sold 55 million. Sony won the hearts and minds of Europe by bringing them the CD format, and Nintendo was always either the oddball or the makers of the kid’s portable system.

        I don’t know if I would go and paint the entire gaming populace of Europe as having bad taste in video games. I’m neither European nor know anyone personally who is, so I have no empirical evidence to this, but it in general just seems a bad idea to me to say “Hey, this continent, their tastes suck so just ignore ‘em.” And as unpopular as it is to say this, FIFA, COD, and GTA are not bad games. Heck, GTA 5 is a critically acclaimed game. Just because the casual gamer picks up and plays just that and nothing else doesn’t mean that they’re bad games; Rockstar, EA, and Activision spend a ton of money to make sure that their money-spinners are of good quality. It’s only recently with the Destiny 2 / SWBF2 craptroversy that we really started seeing AAA games that cared more about milking players than providing a good experience.

        • Vive

          You’re right about the SNES and the lack of masterpieces like Chrono Trigger or Earthbound. To be honest even today there are still games (usually japanese) that come out in US and Japan only.

          I don’t buy the theory which most of Nintendo customers are the people who bought NES/SNES… i think that was true 10-15 years ago but now you have a generation of people who also grew up with a Wii or a DS which were extremely successful in Europe to the point where the Wii version of Just Dance 2018 is one of the best selling game of this year in many countries in EU.

          I live in EU, and i bought a GBA SP because almost all my classmates had a GBA, most of them with Pokémon. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo still plays a lot around the nostalgia but SNES / NES weren’t the only successful Nintendo consoles.

          The last part: i’m not saying that these games are bad, but most of EU gamers are attached to the most popular franchises and nothing else.

          So when a company (EA) doesn’t want to put more effort into a franchise (The Sims / FIFA) because the product sells itself, in US you will see the lack of quality affecting sales, but not in EU because people will buy it no matter what and that speaks to the knowledge of EU gamers. (BTW this is not a recent thing, EA has watered down the contents in The Sims since TS2 in 2004 to sell more expansion packs)

          On the other hand a great game in search of success, it won’t find it in EU. It has to rely on the US/JP market first.

          I don’t remember a single game among these top franchises that became successful in EU first. (outside FIFA/PES for obvious reasons)

          • Mark

            In regards to The Sims – yeah, I’ve noticed. 🙁 That used to be a game that my wife and I played a good bit. Then with each new iteration of it, they strip out some more stuff and make you re-buy content that you had in the last expansion pack. Not to mention that I really can’t understand why I would buy Sims 4, as it looks and seems to play identically to Sims 3, with enhanced behavior algorithms.

            I hear you about how my opinion made sense about ten-ish years ago… to be honest, I started feeling that way about ten years ago and haven’t really updated my opinion on the matter. What you say makes sense. And seeing as Nintendo’s never had a bad portable system and the GameBoy sold a ton in Europe, that makes sense, too. Sticking to the brands you know and are familiar with.

            Which makes me wonder why XBox does as well as it does over in Europe, unless people started trying out Halo in its glory days and pick it up for that.

            I just wish that video games were mainstream enough so that it wouldn’t be such a mystery to the common buyer that one-off games like Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts, Shadow of the Colossus, etc. etc. are fantastic games that deserve attention.

    • hi v3.0

      UK sales does not equal the entire Europe

      • Pretty much; other european countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. are other parts of europe in which video game sales flourish; you gotta look at the ‘whole’ of europe and not exclusively in the UK alone.

    • 60FPS Gaming

      You’re quite right, but not 100% right

      UK is the land of soccer/football, and the game is most popular on PS platform

      That explained everything about it

  • Aline Piroutek

    Wow, UK really hates 3DS. Even Monster Hunter, Metroid, Fire Emblem and Pokémon made a difference.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Vita isn’t even on charts. Every single gamer in UK has a television?

    • Tlink7

      I think you need to blame the Vita itself here, not UK gamers lol

  • Mone Sabri

    UK gamers are what give me hope in humanity, not fanboys living inside their bubble.

    • Radish

      Not fanboys? Half of that chart belongs to one console. If that’s not fanboyism, I don’t know what is.

      • dbizal

        That’s not due to fanboyism though. That’s due to marketing.

        Here in the UK the only adverts I see are mainly PS4 and Xbone, only recently has there been a surge of Ninty adverts but then there are 4/5 PS4Xbox adverts to 1 Nintendo.

        Also like others say, most people here in the UK play Football games (And Call of Duty), they also buy the console that their mates are on. PS4 has sold more than Xbone so therefore more sales of the PS4. It was the same last gen.

        Also with the failure which is the WiiU I’m surprised the Switch is even doing as well as it is. But I am glad it is doing well because it is a great bit of kit.

        I myself prefer not to just stick with one platform though. I own a Switch, PS4 Pro and a PC. No need for me to buy an Xbone.

  • wow nobody’s buyin switch games

    • AJK

      How do you figure that? According to Game here in the UK the Switch has a software attach rate of 3 to 1. This matches the Wii and is more than Xbox 1. The only current consoles with a higher attach rate are the ps4 and 3ds.

    • Nhat Anh Hoang

      Yeah, pathetic like Wii U

      • nothing sadder than a troll

        • Nhat Anh Hoang

          Agree, too sad because troll like you

          Vào Th 6, 22 thg 12 2017 lúc 12:17 Disqus đã viết: