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For the second year in a row, Nintendo will be the lead sponsor for London’s Handheld Learning Conference. Slated to take place on October 13-15, the conference (now in its fourth year) aims to demonstrate the capabilities of handheld devices and how they affect learning for people of all ages.

“We are proud to be supporting this important event once again and look forward to hearing from the some of the world’s leading thinkers in the field of learning,” said Darren Gorton, Business Development Director for Nintendo. “With over 70 million DS units in peoples hands we are genuinely interested in the positive impact that they can have for self-improvement and collaborative learning.”

Graham Brown-Martin, founder of Handheld Learning, said, “We are delighted to receive such confident support both from government agencies and industry alike. The provision of the Nintendo DS handheld is far from a gimmick as we are encouraging delegates to do the kind of things during the event that are often not allowed in classrooms throughout the world despite the power and possibilities of such devices”.


“Casual games have become mainstream in the industry. It’s not just a Japanese phenomenon but also something that’s happening worldwide. There are new markets and possibilities opening up thanks to the trend, which is great. But on the other hand, we shouldn’t forget about the hardcore gamers whose lives are about videogames. The gamers who consider video games a subculture, and enjoy taking their time to sit down and play games that gives them energy and courage. I wanted to remind those gamers about the fun of video games. I know that we’re going against the trend, but we’ve been working hard for the past four years so that the fire [of non-casual games] won’t blow out.” – Hideo Kojima of the MGS series

In a sense, I can definitely see where Kojima is coming from. Developers are hopping on the casual bandwagon, knowing that their title will have a good chance at being successful regardless of the quality. However, there is room in the industry for casual games, and just because these titles are different than to the tastes of the core gamer, they should not be forgotten completely.




Tomonobu Itagaki, the creator of Ninja Gaiden, specficially mentioned to Kotaku that he would be interested in something…

“…totally new, completely unrelated to anything I’ve done before. Not any part of any existing franchises. I think the Pacific theater of World War II is a interesting topic. I think it would be cool to work with an American developer and do a game based on the Pacific Theater.”

It is a bit sad to know that Itagaki wants to move on, but at least we’ll be able to see how he can approach an entirely new game/franchise.



“There is a chance; we love all the games we work on. We don’t want to be pigeon-holed [into a genre], we want to be known for strong content…There’s a strong chance we’ll return to it, but there’s no announcements yet.” – Denis Dyack,Silicon Knights


It hasn’t even been two years since the Wii was released in America, yet Game Informer believes we could see a new Nintendo console in 2010. Analysts, meanwhile, have thought the Wii could last up to seven years. Considering the enormous success of Nintendo’s console, releasing a new system in 2010 would not be the wisest move. Nintendo may have used up many of their franchises already, but there are still many opportunities Nintendo can take advantage of.



As development on Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3 comes to a close, Hideo Kojima, the head honcho of the Metal Gear Solid series, has offered some insight into the future. At the ceremony for MGS4’s completion, Kojima candidly admitted that a title is in development for the hardcore gamer. Details about the game were not discussed. However, given Kojima’s credibility in the gaming industry, it would not be difficult to assume that his newest game will be fantastic.



Recently, a discovery was made on the Nintendo Channel that when one was redirected to a “purchase” page, most stores that sell video games, such as Best Buy and Circuit City were listed as retailers. GameStop, on the other hand, was not. This no longer seems to be an issue, as GameStop is listed along with numerous other stores. Nintendo doesn’t hate you after all, GameStop!


Who & What: MLE Professionals Tim “Eater X” Janus and Crazy Legs Conti say goodbye to spring and hello to summer as they face-off in the first-ever Major League Eating: The Game WiiWare Watermelon Showdown*. These two gurgitory gladiators will vie for a new Watermelon eating world record in celebration of the launch of Major League Eating: The Game for WiiWare™.

Tim “Eater X” Janus, the newly crowned Sushi eating champion of the world, a man who hides his inner torment behind a mask, will compete against Crazy Legs Conti. Conti, often described as the “Evil Knievel of the Alimentary Canal,” is known for eating his way out of a 96-cubic foot sarcophagus of popcorn at the debut of his own movie, Zen and The Art of Competitive Eating.

This bare knuckled, drag out, in-your-face (literally) six minute exercise in extreme watermelon consumption is near certain to yield a new world record. It will also be the first watermelon eating contest to feature both real and virtual watermelons.

Come join us, get some hands-on time with one of the first games coming to Nintendo’s exciting new WiiWare channel – Major League Eating: The Game – and watch firsthand as Major League Eating history is made.

When: Tuesday, May 20

From 12-3 PM

Where: Nintendo World Store

10 Rockefeller Center

New York, NY 10020

*This is a B.Y.O.T event (Bring your own towelette event).


This is by far one of the best years for games being sold to underage people. Games which are given the “M” rated are given that rating for a reason. It’s a clear warning that the subject matter is not appropriate for those under 17. Parents who feel that the game is “OK” to play in moderation is their choice, but stores should not be selling these games when they clearly know they should not be sold. Oddly enough, GameStop had the best rating – they only sold 6% of “M” rated games to those under 17, but Hollywood Video had a whopping 40%.




Camelot representative on Golden Sun…“Yes, we hear this question quite a lot! We hear it not only from fans but also from our design staff as well. The pressure is certainly on! We think this is natural, since our company was founded as a RPG developer. We hadn’t even released any other kind of game before making the original Everybody’s Golf for Sony. We are very happy that Golden Sun has received so much love from fans. It seems to be one of those games that people really latch on to. We will never say that the Golden Sun series is dead… If we said that, then some of our excellent staff members might quit on us! Then we would have to make a new Golden Sun game just to get them back! Please be patient, who knows when a new Golden Sun game will appear on the horizon?”

To be honest, I have never played Golden Sun. However, I know that the series has received great feedback from critics and especially fans. I would be interested in hearing about a new game in the series even though I haven’t played a title, and playing one of the Golden Sun titles is a priority that I have.


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