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First day sales in Japan

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NDS Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Taisen OG Saga – 67,000 (>60% sell through)
PSP Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Portable 3 – 60,000 (>60% sell through)
PS2 Da Capo II Plus Situation – 25,000 (70% LE, 30% NE)
PS2 Mana Khemia 2: Ochita Gakuen to Renkinjutsushi Tachi – 20,000 (80% NE, 20% LE)
PSP Clannad – 20,000
PSP Valhalla Knights 2 – 20,000 (exceeds previous one)
360 Lost Planet Colonies – 10,000
PS3 Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – 10,000
PS2 beatmania II DX 14 GOLD – 10,000
NDS Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness – 10,000 (20% sell through)
WII Family Trainer – 10,000

PS3 Battle Fantasia – 2,000 (20-30% sell through)
360 Battle Fantasia – 1,500 (20-30% sell through)
PS3 Turok – 2,000
360 Overlord – 2.000
PSP Memories Off – Not countable
NDS 13-Sai no Hello Work DS – Not countable
NDS English of the Dead – Not countable


Skate It teaser (Wii)

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– every character has a responsibility
– The King gives orders on what to build
– citizens of the town create what the King asks for
– The King can form relationships with characters
– each character has its own life to follow


– Low grade soldier – not very strong, but will fight to the bitter end

– carpenter – constructs roads and buildings, works great with other carpenters

– peasant – good at digging holes, exploring caves and excavating material

– hunter – good at long-range attacks, and can work with short-range characters, as well


– Arupoco Kingdom – your kingdom

– Sefushigi Kingdom – ruled by King Doburohku, a drunk. The land is cluttered with empty alcohol bottles, and other refuse


– “Good” King Doburohku – he wants to be happy, and spread happiness

– Princess Booke – she *loves* analysis and science, daughter of the King Doburohku.

– Liam – big in stature, but gentle. He can be a bit crass sometimes. cabinet minister that handles all kind of cases.

– Verde – a pretty, cheerful girl. cabinet minister that handles administration.


Yep, there’s a new “Wii Summit” trademark from Nintendo. Could this be the company’s new snowboarding title?

-Wii Summit
-Battle Recorder
-Vitamin Idai Maru Shokuzen

-Bandai Namco

-Mizu no Hômotsu

Square Enix

-Urban Crisis
-Ruriiro Rinne



Super Mario RPG, one of the most requested titles for the Virtual Console, will be releasing next month in Japan. The title will cost 100 points more than the usual Super Famicom title – 900 points – but it’ll be more than worth the extra points to most fans. The release of Super Mario RPG in Japan means that the rest of the worth is one step closer to being able to download it as well.

Coming June 3rd
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Famicom)
Rambo AKA Ashura (Sega Master System)
Power Tennis (PC Engine)
King of the Monsters (Neo Geo)

Rest of June

Transformers: Convoy no Nazo
Nekketsu Koko Dodgeball Bu
Yoshi’s Cookie

Super Famicom
Super Mario RPG (900 points)

Mega Drive
Phantasy Star IV (700)

PC Engine
Days of Thunder (800 points)
Blazing Lazers

Neo Geo
Ninja Commando
Art of Fighting 2

Eggy (delayed)

Thanks to Bob for the tip!


“We’ve been looking at DLC on the Wii for a long time, and with Guitar Hero 3, it was the first Guitar Hero game on the Wii. It was the first third-party WiFi title with online play. That took a lot of effort to be able to do that. We didn’t have the time, and the infrastructure and stuff wasn’t in place [at the time], for DLC [in GH3].” – CEO Karthik Bala, Vicarious Visions

So, we’re definitely getting a hard drive at E3…Right?! Well, I darn well hope so. I don’t know about you guys, but my “virtual refrigerator” has been cleaned one too many times.


PSP 64,449
Wii 49,047
DS Lite 37,404

PS3 9,071
PS2 7,189
Xbox 360 1,947



Gamers play their games for various reasons. Some experience them for fun, some to escape from reality for a short while, and others for brain training. If you’re a male, however, the main reason as to why you play a game might be due to the satisfaction of conquering things – people, territory – you name it. An experiment was conducted in which both males and females were hooked up to wires and were given the task of obtaining territory in a video game. In the end, it was determined that the men “were a lot more motivated to succeed.”

So, why do you game? And do you earn a big sense of achievement from winning?


“We are currently in the design stages of two unannounced titles for the Wii, one of which we really feel will take the Wii to a whole new artistic level in terms of gameplay and presentation. We are hoping to really shake the industry’s opinion on what can be done with the Wii!” – Ben Krotin

Thanks to Esa for the tip!

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