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Relaxing strategy game Wingspan just got a new trailer from developer Monster Couch showing off some of its features, check it out below.

Wingspan is still expected to launch on Switch, but no specific release date has been announced.

A new update has been rolled out for Blasphemous today with some new fixes, check out the full patch notes below.

It seems that the production run for the Nintendo 3DS has come to an end. Nintendo has updated its Japanese website to include that all units of the Nintendo 3DS (including the 2DS family of systems) have stopped production. 

This has been released via a message on their Japanese site that roughly translates to “the production of the main body has been discontinued.” Upon checking the listing for all the models of the 3DS and 2DS (XL, *New*, etc.) a message pops up on all of them that translates to “all have been discontinued.”

So, it seems that the production for the 3DS has truly ended. Nintendo should make an official announcement about this soon, so this story will be updated then.

The website that this information has been found at has been linked below, as well as the screenshots of the translated messages stating the end of production.

The action-RPG Maglam Lord was recently announced by D3 Publisher to be coming to the Switch this winter in Japan. Now, they have opened up an official website for the game, giving lots of details on the story and characters. Also included on the website are also some screenshots and music from the game.

The full story details on the site have been added below, courtesy of a translation by Gematsu, and the screenshots and character pictures have also been added. 

Vampire’s Fall: Origins, a 2D open-world RPG, lands on Switch today. Find some gameplay footage in the video below.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins is being distributed digitally for Switch via the eShop.

New footage is in for Dog Duty, the real-time tactics game for Switch. Have a look at the gameplay below.

Dog Duty is available today on Switch via the eShop.

Nintendo’s official Japanese Twitter page has shared a couple clips of gameplay from Super Mario 3D All-Stars showcasing Super Mario Galaxy. The two clips are both about 30 seconds and show Mario in Honeyhive Galaxy as a bee and Ghostly Galaxy as a ghost.

Check out both clips below.

This week’s Famitsu scans are now available. Highlights include Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Atelier Ryza 2, and the final Cadence of Hyrule DLC featuring Skull Kid. Scans of all games can be found below.


Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced Despair and Hope as the next summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will feature Ilyana, Shinon, Gatrie, and Jill from Path of Radiance. A new story chapter is also planned.

Fire Emblem Heroes kicks off Despair and Hope on September 18. View a trailer for the event below.

D3 Publisher has gone live with the first trailer for its new RPG Maglam Lord. Get a look at the video below.

Maglam Lord launches this winter on Switch in Japan.