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Fire Emblem Warriors’s Fates DLC Pack: more screenshots and information

Posted on December 7, 2017 by in Images, New Nintendo 3DS, News, Switch

Koei Tecmo has just released released new screenshots and information for the Fates DLC pack coming to Fire Emblem Warriors. This information below comes from the Fire Emblem Warriors Japanese website and Perfectly Nintendo.


As mentioned in our previous post about the Fates DLC Pack, we know that Azura, Niles, and Oboro are coming to the game but what can these fighters do on the battlefield?

  • Azura is a Songstress and is able to use the power of her song to fill up the Musou and Awakening gauges of nearby allies

  • Oboro is a Spear Fighter which allows her to use her Counter skill to can create a shockwave by defending against an enemy’s strong attack.
  • Finally, Niles is a Thief and his skill is called Lethality. This skill increases the probability of Critical Hits dealing more damage than usual to enemies.
  • History Maps

    The Fates DLC Pack will also come with three new History Mode maps which are listed bellow:

  • Mourning Beast
  • The Country Where God Sits
  • Ice Village
  • New Costumes

    5 brand new costumes are coming to Fire Emblem Warriors for the following characters:

  • Corrin (Female): White Blood
  • Corrin (Male): Dark Blood
  • Takumi: Butler
  • Camilla: Maid
  • Azura: Dark Diva
  • Destroyed Clothing

    The characters listed below are now getting options for destroyed clothes:

  • Corrin (Male)
  • Corrin (Female)
  • Azura
  • Xander
  • Camilla
  • Leo
  • Elise
  • Niles
  • Ryouma
  • Hinoka
  • Takumi
  • Sakura
  • Oboro
  • Weapon Characteristics

  • Mantle: increase the attack power of character exclusive weapons
  • Swordbreaker: increases damage against enemies using Swords
  • Axebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Axes
  • Lancebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Lances
  • Bowbreaker: increases damage against enemies using Bows
  • Tomebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Tomes
  • Dragonstonebreaker: increases damage against enemies using Dragonstones
  • Talonbreaker: increase damage against enemies using Talons.
  • The DLC Pack will also include a new item called Bond Amulet: makes it easier for the Bond between two characters to grow when used alongside a Staff or Vulnerary.


    Finally, here are the new screenshots for the Fates DLC Pack that come from the official Fire Emblem Warriors Japanese site:

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