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First The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince details and screenshots

Posted on February 15, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Nippon Ichi shared the first official details and screenshots for The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince today. The information covers the game’s story, gameplay and more. Find everything rounded up below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Solve Puzzles and Head to the Witch’s House

– Stage clear-type action game
– Solve puzzles by using the ability to transform between a “monster” and “princess”
– Guide the non-player character to the goal

Stage Skip Feature

– Even players who are not good at puzzle and action games to enjoy the story with this feature
– Once you clear a stage, you can play it again at any time
– Collect the items necessary to unlock side stories and clear the puzzles at your own pace

Warm Graphics

– Game has pen-drawn analogue-style graphics
– Many of the elements that make up the screen—including the characters, stages, and user interface—were hand-drawn by the designers
– Players can enjoy delicate 2D graphics throughout the whole story, including shadows expressed through cross-hatching, multiple scrolling for a better sense of the forest’s depth, soft light textures, and more during action parts
– Players can enjoy illustrations depicted in analogue during story segments

Play in a the World of a Picture Book

– The goal of Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is to combine a game with picture book-esque visuals
– Progress the story through event scenes recited by voice actors and page-turning presentation


– In a certain forest lived a man-eating monster that resembles a wolf
– The monster had a beautiful singing voice that did not suit its fearsome appearance, with which it was proudly singing on a moonlit night
– When the wolf monster finished singing from atop its slightly elevated crag, it suddenly heard applause
– When the wolf looked down below the crag, it saw a well-dressed boy looking up
– He was the prince of the small country near the forest, but came to listen to the wolf’s song
– But the crag was an obstacle, as it seems that the prince was unable to see the wolf’s appearance
– Normally the wolf would have immediately captured the prince and eaten him, but overlooked him by whim
– After that, the prince would come every night to listen to the wolf’s song
– The two would not exchange words, but the wolf eventually lost the feeling of possibly eating the prince
– That night, the prince heard the song of the wolf as always
– However, when the wolf finished singing, it did not hear the prince’s applause
– The wolf looked below to see that the prince was climbing the rock
– The wolf, who thought once the prince learns its true identity, would no longer come to listen to its song stretched its arm to the prince’s face
– Its intention was to cover his eyes so the prince could not see it
– The wolf’s claws accidentally slashed the face of the prince, who fell to the ground and fainted
– The castle guards came to rescue the prince, who shoot arrows at the wolf
– The prince would no longer come to listen to the wolf’s song
– Eventually, the wolf learned that the prince was blinded, and that he was imprisoned in the castle tower by royalty who hate face injuries
– Unable to hold itself back, the wolf sneaked into the tower
– The wolf sees the prince wearing torn clothes and a cloth wrapped around his face
– The wise prince realized that the owner of that beautiful voice was standing in the prison before him and didn’t know the wolf injured him
– With the prince unable to see the wolf, it promptly lied to the prince and said: “I am the princess of a neighboring country. I came to wish you well. Let us have those eyes cured by the witch of the forest.”
– The wolf knew about a witch in the forest who will grant any request if you give up “the thing that is most important to you”
– The wolf is a monster and if it touched the prince with its body, it would surely end up hurting him again
– The wolf promised to return to pick up the prince, and ran to the witch’s house in the depths of the forest to become a “princess” to take the prince out of that cold and lonely prison

Two Forms: Beast and Girl

– The witch, with the wolf’s wish to “make me into a human,” asks for the wolf’s singing voice as compensation
– The wolf then obtained the magic to change into the form of a princess in exchange for its beautiful singing voice
– With the princess’ thin arms, she cannot remove the heavy obstacles that block the path forward, nor can she protect the prince from the fearsome monsters that live in the forest
– The wolf was troubled and the prince is blind
– As long as it did not touch the prince, it could turn back into a monster and the prince surely would not notice…
– In order to safely take the prince to the witch, make proper use of both forms, monster and princess

Wolf Form

– The wolf can use its strong legs and sharp claws to climb to high places, remove obstacles, and defeat the monsters that wander the forest

Princess Form

– The princess has a small body and is good with her hands
– She can pass through crevices the wolf cannot, cooperate with the prince to solve puzzles, and pick up flowers (which are a collection element of the game)

Grab the Prince’s Hand and Head for the Depths of the Forest

– The forest is a familiar habitat for the wolf, who has become used to seeing it
– For the prince it is completely unknown territory
– For the blind prince to head to the witch’s house on his own would be a dream within a dream
– The wolf takes the prince’s hand and together they make their way
– Humans are powerless; while a monster can get to the witch’s house overnight by running, it will surely take days for a princess and prince to get there by foot
– However, the wolf was very happy with its newly obtained body
– Because of the princess’ small and tender hands, she is able to hold hands with the prince
– The prince cannot walk long distances on his own; grab his hand and head for the stage’s goal. Shop Limited Edition

– The Nippon Ichi Software official online store will begin taking pre-orders for a mail order-only limited edition today including a Liar Princess and the Blind Prince canvas artwork
– Planner and character designer Sayaka Oda made the illustration
– 9,980 yen on Switch
– The set includes a copy of the game, and a 275mm width x 220mm height x 19mm depth canvas artwork

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