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Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Mega39’s devs on how the game came to be, choosing songs, visuals, using the Joy-Con, more

Posted on July 21, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Awesome Mix

So now I want to get some details about the content of the game. The songs included span a ten year songs history, as well as including theme songs from the previous games. How did you choose those 100 songs?

Osaki: Even though the most recently released song in a game is the ‘Sand Planet feat. Hatsune Miku’, included in Future Tone DX, that song was released in 2017. Since Mega39’s is being released in 2020, if we didn’t include any new songs, then that would mean that 2-3 year period had been barren. But at the same time, songs change with the times, so we wanted to do something that responded to that… That’s why we have chosen songs that represent that long history, and also included some new ones. Then we looked at songs that would be fun to play with the Joy-Con. They were the two focal points.

Matsunami: The truth is that we really wanted to include all of the songs, but we had to think about ROM and development time.  

And then the recently announced ’39 Music’ and ‘Alien Alien’ are new for this title too, right? By the way, who wrote the theme song this time around?

Osaki: I can’t say exactly who yet, but the premise for it was: ‘ten years to now, ten years from now’. So it has to be someone who was with us for those last ten years…

There are a few that come to mind! I look forward to the announcement. We mentioned this earlier, but all of the songs in this game are presented with a non-photo-realistic anime style. Could you tell us more about that?

Osaki: Well, the graphics of Future Tone were originally based on those of Virtua Fighter 5. But we thought it was about time we tried something new. In the last ten years there have been lot games that utilized an animated style over a photo-realistic one. Plus there is that simpler reason Matsunami mentioned earlier: we just wanted to give it a try.

Matsunami: We thought using cel-shaded animation would also add a new level of cuteness to the game.    

Osaki: Another reason was that we also wanted to attract more young players. This is an age where a lot of primary school children are watching YouTube, so we wanted to provide something they were accustomed to seeing.

I’d also like to ask about the new mode. Maybe you can’t give specifics, but there are play elements distinctive to the Joy-Con, right? 

Osaki: Just to avoid confusion, I want to assure players that the modes from the previous games are still there as they were. But then there is a new mode separate from that.

Matsunami: There was a lot of trial an error involved in getting the controls right for that mode, but the end is finally in sight. Since we are releasing on a new piece of hardware, we wanted to offer something really new. Look forward to it.

Osaki: The new mode will actually be available to play at the ‘Hatsune Miku Magical Mira 2019’ event in Tokyo. We hope players will try it for themselves and let us know what they think. I think it was definitely worthwhile having doing the same with Project Mirai 2. A lot of people filled out the feedback questionnaires for us then too.  

How difficult is the new mode? For example, I think that the touch mode in Project Mirai 2 was a little easier and balanced so that younger players could also enjoy the game. 

Matsunami: The EASY setting is designed so that even kindergarten children can play. But the HARD setting will be a challenge even for lovers of rhythm action games.

So, on to the last question. Could you tell us the meaning behind the name ‘Hatsune Miku: Project Diva: Mega39’s (note: pronounced ‘Megamix’ – the name is a pun as 3 can be read as ‘mi’ 9 as ‘ku’, which kind of sounds like mix)?

Osaki: That would take some serious explaining. Plus Miku is kind of sacred. There are lots of things included in the game so we went with ‘mix’. Then there a lot of things to do in the game so we went with ‘mega’. Then Miku is Miku… so that was that. Then there is that astounding pun. It’s like a pop star of a long past generation.

I think the title might also remind some players of the old ‘Fighters Megamix’ game.

Matsunami: We also had that in mind. Since that was also one of our titles, we thought it would be fun. (laughs)

Osaki: It did have a little to do with it. (laughs) This game has Future Tone as its base, but I think it is superior in a lot of ways. If Future Tone was some intricate golden embroidery, then Megamix would be some legendary fine chinaware. (laughs) They are two very different things. We’ve really ‘mixed’ so much into this game, including our own souls. That’s the sort of title we want to deliver. As we mentioned earlier, the game will be playable at Magical Mirai 2019, so come and get a feel for the game. Then, please fill out a feedback questionnaire for us!

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