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Hyrule Warriors Legends details explain the My Fairy system and Adventure Mode’s Great Sea map

Posted on December 9, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Hyrule Warriors Legends is once again featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu. As previously mentioned, the magazine highlights a new “My Fairy” system and Great Sea map in Adventure Mode.

Fairies act as partners on your journey in Adventure Mode. If befriended, they will be in “My Fairy”. Fairies can unleash devastating attacks using fairy magic, and you can also customize special attributes. Just one can be taken into battle at a time.

As far as raising fairies goes, you have the freedom to raise/customize them as you please. Fairies can then level up and gain new special skills. Fairy magic also increases as their levels rise, letting them accompany you on harder missions.

There’s various food to find in Adventure Mode, which can increase certain attributes and bring in new skills. The player can decide whether to make them balanced in all stats or a specialist in one. Lonlon Milk, Magic Beans, Rock Sirloin, and more are included as food. Also, it’s possible to find more powerful food in higher difficulty levels.

Players can also discover “Fairy Wear” (clothes), and can be dressed in different ways. This consists of clothes and accessories similar to those worn by other characters throughout the Zelda series. Korok Mask, Sheikah Suit, Zora Skirt, and Pirate’s Bandanna are mentioned as examples.

Rental skills – of which a maximum of three slots can be filled – allow fairies to support you in battle. They’ll learn new skills by leveling up parameters, but players can also rent skills from other fairies that others have raised. Because the rented skills only last one day, when faced with a hard mission, you should borrow powerful skills from friends and aim to clear it on that very day.

Here are the different fairy settings included:

1. Dining – Raise your Fairy by feeding it certain foods
2. Salon – Change your Fairy’s clothing/equipment
3. School – Gain “rental skills” for your Fairy
4. Party – Interact with players via local wireless. You can then rental skills from them.

Moving on a bit, The Great Sea is included as a new map in Adventure Mode. The main map is the sea with various islands spanning the waters. You can fulfill certain criteria to unlock special character outfits across the Great Sea and gain other goodies.

Below are ten new items featured in The Great Sea map:

1. Wind Waker – Can break down walls of wind to allow passage
2. Salvage Arm – Can hoist up buried treasure and other rewards
3. Seachart – Fish men can update the chart for you to help discover new battles
4. Cannon – When used to destroy the enemy forts, it removes unfair rules/handicaps from the very start of the resulting battle
5. Hero’s Bow – When used to remove Cyclones, it will also remove unfair rules/handicaps from the very start of the resulting battle
6. Boomerang – Can defeat the Large Octopus, removing any unfair rules/handicaps from the very start of the resulting battle
7. Hyoi Pear – Allows use of Seagulls to find hidden treasure. Useful for gaining great rewards
8. Power Bracelets – Can lift up heavy boulders to clear the way to a new battle
9. Hammer – Can use the hammer on switches to clear the way to a new battle
10. Deku Leaf – Can glide on the wind to hidden areas to discover new rewards

Lastly, Famitsu points out that Wii U has a “Network Link” mode. On 3DS, this takes on the form of “StreetPass Link”. Famistu also teases a special DLC costume that will be revealed at another time.

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