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[Let’s Talk] Pikmin 4 impressions

Posted on July 22, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in Let's Talk, Switch

Pikmin 4 has finally launched on Switch, and if you’ve picked up the game, we’re interested in hearing your early impressions.

It’s been a long wait for the next major entry in the series as Pikmin 3 first appeared on Wii U in 2013. And despite Shigeru Miyamoto saying a couple of years later that the fourth game was “close to completion”, it wasn’t until yesterday that the game launched on Switch.

So if you’re playing Pikmin 4, what do you think about it so far? How do you think it stacks up to the other entries? Let us know in the comments.

Highlights from last week’s topic: Are you a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack member?

Lord Drieg

My brother and I are on a shared plan but I convinced him it was not worth the price of admission at the time of release. Nor do I feel it’s the right time to join now. We’re both sucked into Tears of the Kingdom, which eats at our game time.

But even ignoring current gaming addictions, I detest that Nintendo uses the drip-feed method WITHOUT perceived regularity. Nintendo does not provide a schedule for when VC games will be added to the service & I feel that’s a big no-no. When I’m paying for a service, I want to know what AND when I’m getting what I’m paying for.

Their apparent unwillingness to upgrade/fix their online gameplay service is also evident when I get dropped multiple times in an hour on Splatoon. I’m not paying more money for the same terrible online service, which is what is PRIMARILY being sold to us. The retro games are a bonus, IMO.


No I’m not and I don’t think I will ever be.

I do like the N64 games, yes, but I can already play most of my favorites on my Wii U (VC) or on my Series S (Rare replay). The GBA is a bit more tempting, but it doesn’t have that many games as of now and I honestly don’t care about the SEGA games.

The DLCs are… well, I don’t have Splatoon 2 or Animal Crossing, so that only leaves the Mario Kart DLC, but then no other account would be able to play it unless I pay more.

It isn’t worth to pay $50 every year for a service that doesn’t really add any value to me.

I have the base subscription and I’m going to keep it only because I need the Cloud saves, as I don’t play online games and rarely play the SNES games.

But if they ever make a cheaper tier with no SEGA and no DLCs, I would subscribe.

Drago Duval

I admit that the addition of the GBA finally made me subscribe to the expansion pack.


Not yet. Up until now I didn’t see the point and I already have my regular subscription until September 2023.
However, the GBA library will get me to make the upgrade. The GBA era was a difficult one for me because I couldn’t afford most games, but I would get the Nintendo official magazine in Brazil. So I knew all I wanted to play, but couldn’t. I eventually managed to buy a few games, but not that many (I had fewer than 10 GBA games when I had the most).
On top of that, I’ve got Splatoon 2, so it will be fun to get the DLC in the package.
I’ll be checking Genesis and N64 games, of course, but they are a bonus and not the main reason.
I will be making the upgrade once my regular subscription is over.


NSO+ is perfect for me. I get to play games and expansions that I would have never bought. On the Wii, 3DS and Wii U I only bought 3 VC games. Now I’ve already played 20+ classic games on the Switch.
Oh and I love the free trials of a week. It’s just enough time to beat these games.
And especially because we use a family subscription, it feels like I save money.


Nope. Just a regular NSO subscription. I never got the appeal of online subscription games. I’d rather pay for games for keeps.

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