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Minecraft receiving new update on Switch and Wii U tonight / tomorrow

Posted on December 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

A new Minecraft update will be going out soon on Switch and Wii U. On both platforms, the game will be adding in a Birthday Skin Pack, Norse Mythology Mashup Pack, and more. There are also the regular features and changes.

We expect that the patch will be going live around the following times:

– 5:50 PM PT (December 19) – 7:30 PM PT (December 19)
– 8:50 PM ET (December 19) – 10:30 PM ET (December 19)
– 1:50 AM in the UK (December 20) – 3:30 AM in the UK (December 20)
– 2:50 AM in Europe (December 20) – 4:30 AM in Europe (December 20)

For the full patch notes, continue on below.

  • Added Norse Mythology Mashup Pack.
  • Added Festive Tumble Arena.
  • Added New Horse Model.
  • Added Dyeable Leather Horse Armour.
  • Cauldron changes.
    • Cauldrons can be filled with potions.
    • Tipped Arrows can be created using an Arrow with Cauldrons filled with potions.
    • Water can be dyed.
    • Armour can be dyed in a Cauldron filled with dyed water.
  • Baby Zombie jockeys can now ride any mobs.
  • World generation changes.
    • Added Fallen Trees & Dying Trees.
  • Village Changes.
    • Tables have brown carpet instead of a pressure plate.
    • Added Ice Plains & Cold Taiga Villages.
    • Added Chests to Ice Plains and Cold Taiga Villages.
    • Ice Plains & Cold Taiga Villages won’t generate crops.
    • Paths around village wells now made up of grass path (sandstone in desert).
  • Dispenser changes.
    • Fireworks will fire in the direction the dispenser is facing.
    • Mob heads will drop to ground unless they are being placed on a block that would cause a Wither or Snow Golem to spawn.
  • Updated Wither Boss behavior.
    • Explodes and spawns Wither Skeletons on half health.
    • Change to dash attack.
    • Remove health regeneration.
    • New birth and death animations.
  • Armor Stands now have arms and multiple poses.


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