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Monster Hunter Generations’ free November DLC available, includes Yu-Gi-Oh! and other manga

Posted on November 4, 2016 by in News

This month’s free DLC has arrived for Monster Hunter Generations. The items and quests this time are based on popular manga and anime, including Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magi, and Baki the Grappler. As usual, to access the DLC, you’ll have to download it on the menu and then talk to the appropriate NPC. You can watch a video highlighting the DLC below, and the full listings are after the break.

Regular Quests
Quest: Yu-Gi-Oh: A Beautiful Wyvern
Objective: Slay a Shagaru Magala
Rewards: F Dark Meowgic Set

Quest: Magi: Rescue from the Fall
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Gore Magala
Rewards: Amol Saiqa, Aladdin’s Wand

Quest: Baki: Biggest vs. Strongest
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Gammoth
Rewards: Chivalry, Baki Combat Jutsu, Demon Visage, Bristling Mane, Ultimate Garb, Ultimate Pleats, Champion’s Set

Quest: The Exploding Flame King
Objective: Slay a Teostra
Rewards: Exploding Blades, Zodias Set (designed by Hiro Mashima, known for Fairy Tail and Monster Hunter Orage)

Quest: DMC: The Seltas Queen’s Cry
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Seltas Queen
Rewards: F Dante Set

Quest: Capcom: Brilliant Orchestra
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Najarala
Rewards: F Melodic Set

Quest: Capcom: White & Black
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Mizutsune and a Hyper Nargacuga
Rewards: Felyne and Melynx

Quest: A Golden Moon Rises
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Gold Rathian

Quest: Moonlit Tryst
Objective: Hunt a Silver Rathalos and a Gold Rathian

Quest: Retreat Run-in
Objective: Hunt a Hyper Royal Ludroth, a Hyper Plesioth and a Hyper Lagiacrus

Quest: The Untamed Mountains
Objective: Hunt a Duramboros and a Gammoth

Quest: The Hammer and the Pike
Objective: Hunt an Uragaan and an Agnaktor

Quest: The Formless One
Objective: Slay a Chameleos

Quest: Volcano Item Delivery
Objective: Obtain 7,000 Wycademy Points

Prowler Quests
Quest: Catch a Rathalos by the Tail
Objective: Sever Rathalos’s tail

19x Guild Card Titles
6x Guild Card Backgrounds

Special Palicoes


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