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[Nintendo Everything Podcast] – episode #7 – Sonic Strikes Again: No Longer a Hero

Posted on December 16, 2018 by (@Oni_Dino) in Podcast

What up, kids and squids?! Welcome to a very special episode of NEP!

This week, a new challenger approaches! We’re ushering in our new co-host, Galen, as Eric has his farewell show with NEP.

Sadness quickly turns to excitement as we discuss everything Smash Ultimate, Sonic’s horrifying film posters in this championship made for nobody, Mortal Kombat Konspiracies, and the big wave of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes news!

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  • 00:18 – Kids & Squids!
  • 00:55 – Who’s that Pokémon?!
  • 03:35 – 10 Rapid-fire questions for Galen
  • 14:47 – Adventure Log: Smash Ultimate!
  • 31:47 – News: Eric wonders if this is the worst video game poster he’s ever seen
  • 42:07 – News: Mortal Kombat 11 and the FGC
  • 51:10 – News: Travis Strikes Again… and again and again with new details! And more Smash talk- whoops!
  • 1:00:52 – Oni catches Galen sleeping on the FIRST DAY of the job!
  • 1:01:08 – Catastrophe & Doglemma cameos
  • 1:01:43 – Listener mail: Banjo-Kazooie in Smash DLC, and Oni is already considering firing Galen…
  • 1:09:55 – Thank you and Bye-Bye BoxBoyEric!

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