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Sonic Chronicles dev shares story details on sequel that never came to be

Posted on July 8, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

Sonic Chronicles 2

BioWare had ideas for Sonic Chronicles 2 back in the day, but the sequel never materialized. However, lead designer Miles Holmes has now shared details about what the studio had in mind for the story.

For those that never played Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on DS, that game actually ended with a cliffhanger. The sequel would have picked up right where things left off with Eggman taking over the world, and BioWare had planned certain plot points that would leave the door open to even more games.

Holmes shared the following in an interview with Did You Know Gaming:

“Picking it up from the cliffhanger, [Sonic and friends] come back and it’s now Eggman’s world, right? So that’s a little of a Back to the Future 2 kinda vibe. We talked about Skynet in Terminator 2, when you get to see the future, when you get to see [where] Kyle Reece is from, but now it’s all Eggman’s stuff. So in this case, Eggman unchecked by Sonic has been able to do what he’s always wanted to do and remake the world in his image. So a lot of the population’s been rounded up and they’re prisoners or they’re slaves or whatever. You’ve got Eggman’s machines in a very dystopic Terminator future. Part of that would’ve been the fun of getting to go to famous world landmarks and seeing them remade in this Eggman’s style, so going to Paris and seeing Eggman’s gear all over the Eiffel Tower, sort of watching down with a big eye or something like that […]”

Much of Sonic Chronicles 2 would have involved freeing populations to build an army to storm Eggman’s base and restore world order. But when players get to this point towards the end, Argus – a mega god teased in the first game – appears. Sonic and Eggman therefore team up to take him down.

In the past, Argus had been traveling the universe and locking up entire races that could be a threat to his existence. This was because an oracle told him that he’d die at the hands of a mortal. However, it would be shown in Sonic Chronicles 2 that the “prophecy” was a trick. Everything involving the oracle could play out in later entries, though as we know, SEGA and BioWare never made it past the first game.

As for why there were no sequels in the end, legal issues could be to blame. Former Archie head writer Ken Penders filed lawsuits as he believed certain characters were too similar to his creations in the Archie comics. Penders’s case was dismissed a couple of times, but it took a few years for the situation to be resolved.

You can check out the full video from Did You Know Gaming below on Sonic Chronicles 2 and other lost Sonic games.

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