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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Sonic Chronicles 2

BioWare had ideas for Sonic Chronicles 2 back in the day, but the sequel never materialized. However, lead designer Miles Holmes has now shared details about what the studio had in mind for the story.

For those that never played Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on DS, that game actually ended with a cliffhanger. The sequel would have picked up right where things left off with Eggman taking over the world, and BioWare had planned certain plot points that would leave the door open to even more games.

Sonic Chronicles intro cinematic

More than a decade after the game’s original release, a cut animated intro cinematic has been revealed for Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

The game was made for the DS by BioWare, the studio behind Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The company hasn’t done much with Nintendo platforms, but worked with SEGA to make Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood on DS exclusively.

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