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Super Mario Bros. composer on making of Ground Theme

Posted on November 5, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Super Mario Bros Ground theme main

In an interview with NHK, longtime Super Mario Bros. composer Koji Kondo discussed the original game’s music and the making of the Ground Theme.

Kondo spoke with the outlet about how his first go at the track was scrapped. That’s because when it came to the actual gameplay and not just more of a still image that he initially saw, “the rhythm of that song didn’t really match.” Kondo also mentioned his overall goal for the game, which was to “create enjoyable music never seen before using only three notes.”

Here’s the full excerpt with Kondo on the making of the Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme and more:

What was your first impression of Super Mario Bros.?

At first, I saw the game when the graphics were finished to an extent and it was playable, then I was asked to provide a soundtrack and sound effects for it. Before that, games only had tiny characters moving around on a dark screen, so seeing a character that was larger than in most games at the time move around, with a blue sky and green plains that left a strong impression, I thought it seemed really fun.

How did you expand upon this impression?

The blue sky and green plains left the strongest impression, so I composed a track that felt like a gentle, relaxing stroll under the sun, but then I saw Mario run and jump around, so the rhythm of that song didn’t really match. The first track was scrapped, and the next one I composed was the one we have now.

Who decided to scrap it, you or another staff member?

Other staff members told me that the track felt weird for some reason. Indeed, the track might have matched the feel of the game’s background, but didn’t quite go with the gameplay.

Since that was no good, what direction did you take when you started working on the Ground Theme?

There’s a certain rhythm that perfectly matches the physical feeling of running or jumping, so I tried to capture that and turn it into a melody.

Was there a trial and error process that led to you finding that “rhythm”?

Of course, I had to play the game many times. While trying to find that rhythm, I gave thought to what it was while changing the tempo and basic pattern.

Did you keep doing that even when new consoles came out?

Yes. The movement of the enemies would change for every game, of course, which led to a shift in the overall rhythm, so for every game I would play it myself again and again, find the proper rhythm from that and start composing.

How long had you been involved with Super Mario Bros.?

It was my second year.

Were you under pressure? How did you feel?

Before working on Mario, I was mostly responsible for creating sound effects, and hadn’t created BGM before, but when I started to work on Super Mario, I went in wanting to create music that hadn’t existed before. It might have been a lot of pressure, but I wanted to somehow create enjoyable music never seen before using only three notes.

Once you finished it, what did the other staff think?

After listening to the Ground Theme, a lot of people said “This sounds nice, what genre is it?”, but I didn’t make it with any genre in mind. A lot of people said it sounds like Latin, or like jazz, but I said, “No, it’s game music”, not fitting into any genre, created to match a game.

It was previously announced that the legendary Super Mario Bros. track will be entered into the Library of Congress. You can read more about that here.

Translation provided by Philip Proctor, Simon Griffin, and SatsumaFS on behalf of Nintendo Everything.

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