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Super Mario RPG: best equipment for every character

Posted on December 3, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

Today, we’re looking at all five characters in Super Mario RPG and which equipment works best for each one. We’ll include the location of each piece, too – which means slight spoilers for areas you’ll visit in the future plus the names of a few late-game bosses. Feel free to bookmark this page for later if you’re not ready to be spoiled on these locations just yet.

Super Mario RPG on Switch includes a postgame boss and even amped-up boss rematches. To best prepare for these foes, you’ll want to equip your team with the best possible equipment setup. Some of these pieces are hard to get, but they’re certainly worth your time. 

Super Mario RPG Best Equipment

Best Equipment for Mario

Mario’s best equipment setup is the Lazy Shell, the Super Suit, and the Attack Scarf. With this setup, he’ll do absolutely crazy amounts of damage. The Lazy Shell is obtained from the seed and fertilizer dropped by Beezo. Take these items to the northeast corner of Rose Town to grow a giant beanstalk. Climb it, and it’ll lead you to two Lazy Shell items. One is a weapon for Mario, and the other is a great defensive item we’ll be equipping on Peach instead. The Super Suit and Attack Scarf are much more difficult to obtain – you’ll need to Super Jump 100 times in a row to get the former, while the latter only takes 30. After you’ve achieved this, you can talk to an NPC in Monstro Town to receive both of these items. If 100 Super Jumps is too difficult, the Hero Shirt from Bowser’s Keep is a decent replacement. We do have a guide on how to most easily get 100 Super Jumps, which you can check out here.

Best Equipment for Mallow

Mallow isn’t much of an attacker, but he does have access to some helpful spells. His strongest weapon is the Sage Stick, which is obtained after you defeat Belome for the second time at his temple. As for armor, Prince Pants are your best bet here – they’re sold during your second trip to Bowser’s Keep, too. For an accessory, the Enduring Brooch you receive after defeating Bundt for the second time works great here! Mallow is kind of frail, so the guarantee of surviving a deadly attack works great here.

Best Equipment for Geno

Geno is your resident magical powerhouse. His best weapon, the Stella 023, is obtained after defeating Booster for a second time at Booster Tower. On that note, if you need help with these boss rematches, we have a guide for that too! Geno’s best equipment, the Star Cape, is sold at Bowser’s Keep as well. For an accessory, the Jinx Belt gives Geno lots of stat boosts that make him even stronger!

Best Equipment for Bowser

Mario may be your primary physical attacker, but Bowser is no slouch either. His best weapon, the Wonder Chomp, is obtained via the Punchinello rematch (which happens to be quite difficult). His best armor, the Work Pants, actually offers more useful buffs than the Heal Shell you find in Bowser’s Keep. For an accessory, the Safety Ring grants Bowser immunity to status effects.

Best Equipment for Peach

Peach is the only party member in Super Mario RPG who is specifically designed for healing and tanking hits. Generally, she should never use physical attacks – by the end of the game, they’ll be dealing absolutely no damage to enemies and bosses on your level. Still, her best weapon is the Frying Pan found in a Moleville shop. Her best armor is the Lazy Shell – it comes in both weapon and armor form, and we explained how to get both of them earlier in the guide. The Lazy Shell armor reduces Peach’s attack by quite a lot, but makes her practically invincible. This lets her cast healing spells to support the rest of the team. For an accessory, you could go for a Quartz Charm to further increase Peach’s defenses (found on the beanstalks leading up to Nimbus Land).

There you have it, then – the best equipment for each character! You’ll definitely need it to take on the game’s hidden superboss. What setups do you remember using on your party back in the SNES version – or which setups are you planning to use in the remake? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below.

You can view the official website for Super Mario RPG here.


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