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Super Neptunia RPG details and screenshots – characters, attributes, systems

Posted on December 5, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Screenshots, Switch

Super Neptunia RPG

Super Neptunia RPG has received a new batch of details and screenshots. We have news on characters, attributes, and gameplay systems. Find the full roundup below, courtesy of Gematsu

Purple Heart

– The CPU of Planeptune, which was once a near-future city
– Central character of the four CPUs
– Lost her power as the result of a coup caused by the Frin-led Silkworm
– Her whereabouts are currently unknown

Black Heart

– The CPU of Lastation, which was once an industrial city
– One of the four CPUs
– Hardest working among them, but she was defeated in a battle against Firin and now her whereabouts are unknown

White Heart

– The CPU of Lowee, which once prospered as a magic nation
– One of the four CPUs
– Said to have the strongest defense power, but she was Firin broke through and defeated her
– Her whereabouts after are unknown

Green Heart

– The CPU of Leanbox, which once prospered as a naturally abundant city
– One of the four CPUs
– Defeated in battle against Firin, who does not share her overwhelming love for games
– Her whereabouts after are unknown


– A rare, furry dragon
– He seems to be flying around in search of something


– Skills have attributes that affect damage dealt to enemies and damage received by the party
– There are nine attributes: Fire, Ice, Earth, Wind, Water, Thunder, Light, Dark, Physical
– There are also three properties tied to enemies and equipment
– These are: Weak, Absorb, Resist
– If you do not use the proper attributes against enemies, you will not be able to deal damage, or you may even end up healing them
– In addition to setting skills that guarantee the enemy will not Absorb your attacks, the damage you receive will also change depending on what attributes enemies attack with


– Buffs raise your party member’s stats
– The effects of a buff differ and expire after a fixed period of time depending on the skill, item, or ability
– Buffs grant resistance against a specific attribute, absorb damage dealt by a specific attribute, increases defense power against the Physical attribute, increases defense power against magic, increases the accumulation speed of the AP Gauge, gradually restores HP, increases evasion rate


– Debuffs lower the stats of party members or weaken target enemies
– The effects of a debuff differ and expire after a fixed period of time depending on the skill, item, or ability
– You can also cancel the effect of a debuff by using an item or skill
– Stop: Stops the AP Gauge
– Bind: Disables Formation change
– Clock Down: Lowers the AP Gauge accumulation speed
– Virus: The Goddess Gauge does not accumulate
– Stun: Disables action.
– Corrode: When the countdown reaches zero, the targeted character will no longer be able to battle
– Poison: Gradually reduces HP
– Darkness: Lowers accuracy rate
– Forget: All skills turn into normal attacks
– Spiritless: The Break Gauge does not accumulate

Goddess Transformation

– When the Goddess Gauge accumulates, you can transform into a Goddess by pressing the R2 button and the face button assigned to the character of your choice
– The Goddess Gauge accumulates as you receive attacks from enemies in battle
– By transforming into a Goddess, that character’s stats will also increase

Break Gauge

– By dealing damage to enemies, your Break Gauge will increase
– Use a Break Attack once one bar of gauge is filled
– The Break Gauge has a maximum of four bars and resets for each battle

Break Attack

– By building up your Break Gauge to a certain amount, you can use a special move called a “Break Attack”
– A Break Attack can be activated by pressing a certain button and the corresponding face button of the character who you want to use the attack

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