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1001 Spikes

A bunch of details have come in for Nicalis’ 1001 Spikes. The latest information can be found below.

– Can play with four people throughout the main game
– Can work together to beat tough levels or be jerks to each other
– Single-screen competitive mode lets every player fight over a golden vase that spews coins
– Holding the vase earns you coins, and if you die by your opponent’s hand or the stage, you quickly respawn
– Tower of Nanner mode: vertical stages, 9 lives for each player, reach the top of the tower without everyone dying
– Can hurt each other in this mode as well, but doesn’t make much sense to do so since it’s cooperative
– Playable characters include Indiana Jones-ish dudes, Mr. Video Game (looks like a familiar plumber), and more
– Mr. Video Game dude throws fireballs and a similar musical theme plays when you use him
– Knight goes down to his underwear when he dies like Arthur from Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
– Ninja reminiscent of Ryu from Ninja Gaiden
– Belmont-inspired character wielding a whip
CommanderVideo included
– Each character has strengths and weaknesses
– Could be out in March/April


Polygon has secured a few new details about co-op play in 1001 Spikes.

Up to four people can join in on the fun. A total of 1,000 lives are available in a collective pool, though that number can be increased by obtaining relics in some stages. Nabbing one of these will increase the lives total by 50.

Polygon also confirms that friendly fire is enabled.

As far as the gameplay itself goes, you’ll be in search of a key which must be obtained in order to exit levels.


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