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Tesla vs Lovecraft recently received brand new DLC known as “For Science”. Have a look at the latest content below.

The arena shooter Tesla vs Lovecraft launched on Switch last March. Just over a year later, the game will be receiving some fresh DLC. 10tons has announced that the “For Science!” content will be available for purchase starting April 18 (tomorrow).

Here’s the rundown of what’s new:


Today, 10tons announced its next project titled Dysmantle. The open-world action RPG is currently in development for Switch and other consoles.

We have the following overview and trailer:

As mentioned earlier today, Neon Chrome has received new DLC in the form of an Arena Mode. Take a look at some footage below.

Neon Chrome has been updated with a brand new mode. Players can now take on Arena, a survival game mode with online leaderboards. Pricing is set at $4.99.

Here’s a further breakdown of the DLC:

10tons ended last week by bringing Tesla Vs Lovecraft to the Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

10tons has a new Switch game lined up for Switch next week. On March 16, Tesla vs Lovecraft will be joining the eShop. Pricing is set at 414.99.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a new top-down, twin stick shooter. You can learn more about the game below with additional details and a trailer.

10tons has announced Undead Horde, a new fantasy action RPG. It’s currently in development for Switch.

Here’s more information about Undead Horde, as well as a pre-alpha trailer:

In Undead Horde the player assumes the role of a necromancer on a quest to eradicate the living from the ancestral lands of the undead. The player must roam a fantasy kingdom, kill the living, and raise them as his undead minions. Gradually the player grows in power and is able to take on ever more powerful forces. The player can also find and use an unlimited amount of procedurally generated weapons and magical items to modify the capabilities of the necromancer, and the horde, as preferred.


– Slay enemies and assimilate their corpses into your army
– Easy to get into RPG style hack, slash & cast action
– Find items, level up, and raise the dead to become more powerful
– Build up your Necromancer with items to suit your personal tastes and playstyle
– Procedural item generation: Endless number of items to loot, steal and buy – can you find the most epic ones?
– A vast world to explore and conquer – environments ranging from forests to catacombs.

Undead Horde will be available later this year.

Source: 10tons PR

Baseball Riot, the latest game from 10tons, arrives on Switch this Friday. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

According to a listing on the European eShop, Baseball Riot will be available soon on Switch. It’s currently down for January 19, and should be out on the same day in North America.

Baseball Riot has you playing as the retired star batter Gabe Carpaccio as he goes on a crusade to free his former team from the grasp of Explodz Inc. In over 100 levels, you’ll use baseballs to take out targets.

We have more information and a trailer for Baseball Riot below.

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