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3D Power Drift

In Japan, the standalone release of 3D Power Drift is now available, with the main hook allowing players to control various SEGA characters. View a few minutes of footage below.

3D Power Drift was originally included in the SEGA 3D Classics Collection. However, in Japan, SEGA also just brought it to the Japanese 3DS eShop.

The standalone version of 3D Power Drift is pretty much the same as the one included in SEGA 3D Classics Collection – with one major exception. Players can actually play as several SEGA characters in one of the game’s modes. It’s an entirely new features that wasn’t in the original release.

The following characters are included:

Harrier (3D Super Harrier)
Binsbein (3D Super Harrier)
Warrior Beat (3D Altered Beasts)
Flagman (3D Out Run)
Shinobu (3D Shinobi III)
Dralimflore (3D Fantasy Zone)
Axel (3D Streets of Rage)
Blaze (3D Streets of Rage)
Adam (3D Streets of Rage)
Mr. Hang-On (3D Super Hang-On)
Galaxy Lady (3D Galaxy Force II)
Alex Kidd

A couple of screenshots showing these characters are attached below.



Thanks to the 3D Power Drift website, we have concrete details about what’s new in this version of the classic game. Find the information rounded up below.

– New difficulty mode: Easiest
– This is in addition to the original Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardest options
– Difficulty is chosen by the car a player chose at the beginning of the game
– Can choose between automatic and manual control options
– Decide if you want aided handling that helps keep the car on the track
– 3D effects
– 4 screen options
– The cabinet screen option will allow people to choose whether or not they would like a moving cabinet
– This will remove the stereoscopic 3D, but will give the impression a player is actually at the arcade cabinet playing the game by showing it moving along with the player
– Can save anywhere
– Save a replay of one race to watch later
– Japanese and English language options

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SEGA released some screenshots from 3D Power Drift today. View them below.

New footage of 3D Power Drift and 3D Puyo Puyo 2 was shown during a stage event at the 2015 Tokyo Game Show this weekend. Check it out in the video below.

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