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A Hat in Time

After several years of development, A Hat in Time is finally starting to wrap up. Gears for Breakfast announced a release window of Fall 2017 for the 3D platformer just a few days ago.

Over on Twitter, the developer has expressed interest in making a Switch version happen. There’s just one issue: Nintendo of America isn’t responding to the team’s inquiries.

The official Twitter page for A Hat in Time posted a few hours ago:

A Hat in Time seems like the type of game that would be a great fit on Switch. Hopefully Gears for Breakfast will find a way to make it happen, and hopefully Nintendo will eventually respond. Showing your support certainly couldn’t hurt.


A Hat in Time has long been speculated as a potential game for the Wii U eShop. While Gears for Breakfast has now started work on a console port, the developer is encountering various issues.

All problems are technical related, as A Hat in Time is suffering from elements like a low frame rate and incorrect rendering of geometry. The game is built in Unreal Engine 3 and this is supported on consoles, but the engine hasn’t been updated for quite some time and Gears for Breakfast has needed to apply “some major fixes to even get it running in the first place.”

Gears for Breakfast isn’t dropping the idea of bringing A Hat in Time to consoles, and work will continue on a potential port. There are various options being considered, such as hiring more people/an external team to port the title.


I’m still holding out for an official confirmation about A Hat in Time on Wii U. It has to happen!