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Wicce has now appeared on Switch following a short delay. For a look at some footage, watch the video below.

Wicce just came to the Switch eShop this week. Our previous coverage with additional information and a trailer can be found here.


CFK and Alpheratz have announced that Wicce, a 2D action platformer, is making its way to Switch. A release is planned for May, with a final date coming “soon”.

We have the following overview and trailer from CFK:


Nevaeh, a black and white side-scroller from publisher CFK and developer Alpheratz, launches on Switch today. Check out some gameplay with the video below.

Nevaeh is available now for digital purchase on the Switch eShop.


Today, publisher CFK and developer Alpheratz announced a final release date for Nevaeh. The black and white side-scroller will arrive on Switch on September 17, the two companies revealed today.

Here’s a new trailer for the game:

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