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Publisher CFK has announced via the Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online event that Nekopara Vol. 4 will be making its way to Switch this December. You can view an overview for this latest volume in the Neko Works-developed visual novel series, as well as a trailer as rounded up by Gematsu, after the break:

Described as a “cyberpunk hyper ninja action adventure” publisher CFK and developer Asteroid-J will be bringing Ninja Issen to Switch. The game is due out in 2021. Take a look at the overview and trailer as rounded up by Gematsu after the break:

Nevaeh, a black and white side-scroller from publisher CFK and developer Alpheratz, launches on Switch today. Check out some gameplay with the video below.

Nevaeh is available now for digital purchase on the Switch eShop.

CFK is back with the latest trailer for QV. For today’s video, we’re introduced to a mystery character who looks like Quby, but her identity is unknown.

Here’s the brief character introduction:

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Today, publisher CFK and developer Alpheratz announced a final release date for Nevaeh. The black and white side-scroller will arrive on Switch on September 17, the two companies revealed today.

Here’s a new trailer for the game:

CFK has shared a new “Fight the Dark” gameplay trailer for the action-adventure game Nevaeh. Check out the video below.

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CFK has released a new trailer for its action-adventure game QV. Below, players are introduced to Varon, “a penguin from another world, Varon explores the ruins with Quby.”

QV launches on Switch this summer.

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CFK and Izzle have shared a bunch of information about QV, the upcoming action-adventure game for Switch. We have information pertaining to the game’s prologue, characters, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

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Hotel Sowls, a mystery adventure game from CFK and Studio Sott, finds its way to Switch later this month. Have a look at some footage below.

Hotel Sowls will be out for Switch via the eShop on July 30.

As confirmed by an eShop listing, Hotel Sowls is landing on Switch this month. The mystery adventure game will arrive on the eShop on July 30.

Here’s an overview of Hotel Sowls, along with a trailer: