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Apogee Entertainment

The survival platformer Residual has secured a final release date. Apogee Entertainment and OrangePixel have confirmed a final release date of September 9.

Here’s an overview of Residual, along with a trailer:

Apogee Entertainment today announced a pair of new games for Switch. First up is Strollart’s Below the Stone, a back-to-the-past hand-drawn roguelike. The second new title is Funder Studios’ Dead Fury, a story-rich zombie survival shooter.

Here’s a bit of extra information and a trailer:

Orangepixel and Apogee Entertainment have announced that their survival platformer Residual is now slated for launch during Q3 2021. Initially announced in 2017, the title originally aimed for a late 2020 release.

You can check out our original coverage here.

Apogee Entertainment and OrangePixel have announced that Residual, a new survival platformer, is in development for Switch. It’s due out later in 2021 on Nintendo’s console.

Here’s an overview of the game: