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Rise of the Triad Remastered

Rise of the Triad Ludicrous Edition

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition, previously known as Rise of the Triad Remastered, has a final release date. The game will be available in early 2023, Apogee Entertainment, New Blood Interactive, and Nightdive Studios have announced.

Rise of the Triad has been brought to the modern era courtesy of Nightdive’s KEX Engine. The game will have increased field-of-vision, 60 frames per second of bullets, explosions, an enchanted baseball bat, multiplayer support, and more. There’ll even be a new episode created by New Blood, Nightdive, and Apogee software veterans.

Rise of the Triad

3D Realms, Destructive Creations, and Apogee Software have announced Rise of the Triad Remastered, a redone version of the 1995 first-person shooter. It will launch on Switch in 2021.

We’re still waiting on concrete details at the moment. However, features like widescreen support and revamped multiplayer are confirmed thus far.

Here’s the announcement video:

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