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Batman: The Enemy Within

Batman: The Enemy Within ended up arriving on Switch this week as scheduled from Telltale. Have a look at some footage below.

Telltale Games will release Batman: The Enemy Within on Switch next month. It’ll be available digitally in both North America and Europe starting October 2.

Here’s a brief introduction and trailer:

Another piece of evidence has emerged suggesting that Batman: The Enemy Within is coming soon to Switch. This week, the ESRB rated it for Nintendo’s console.

This is the second rating for Batman: The Enemy Within on Switch. Back in May, we came across a similar classification from the USK.

Batman: The Telltale Series can currently be purchased for Switch. The Enemy Within acts as a sequel with five new episodes.

Telltale Games may have plans to release Batman: The Enemy Within on Switch soon. Over on the USK, it received a rating just a couple of weeks ago.

Batman: The Telltale Series landed on Switch last November. The Enemy Within is a sequel with five new episodes.

Telltale appears to be ramping up its support for Switch. Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two was also rated by the USK in April, and also just received a classification from the ESRB this week.

The teases, rumors, and retailer listings are finished. Finally, new titles from Telltale Games have been confirmed for Switch.

Nintendo put out a tweet officially announcing that Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman: The Enemy Within will be making their way to Switch:

No word yet on release dates, but both are very likely candidates to drop before the end of 2017.


All sorts of retailers have been suggesting that Batman: The Enemy Within is coming to Switch. What we considered to be a very good sign is when GameFly listed the game. The retailer tends to be spot on more often than not.

If you didn’t trust GameFly’s listing though, even more evidence has popped up. Amazon and GameStop both say that Batman: The Enemy Within is heading to Switch as well.

At this point, we’d be extremely surprised if this wasn’t happening. It may just take Telltale Games awhile to make it official. Even though we pretty much knew about Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure on Switch, the announcement took a significantly long time to appear.