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Broken Age

Limited Run Games is now taking pre-orders for the physical version of Broken Age. You can put in a reservation here.

Pre-orders will be live until October 26. All units feature full-color interior artwork and a 32-page full-color art booklet.

Broken Age ended up releasing on Switch yesterday as a digital download, though Limited Run Games will be offering a physical version later on. Have a look at some footage below.

Broken Age landed on Switch earlier today as a bit of a surprise, as Double Fine hadn’t announced a release date previously. The company has since passed along word that a physical version is also happening thanks to Limited Run Games.

If you can’t wait for the physical release, you’ll find Broken Age on the eShop now for $14.99. No word on a release date for the boxed copy just yet.

Source: Broken Age PR

Update: Broken Age is out now in North America as expected.

Original: This past summer, Double Fine announced that it would be bringing Grim Fandango Remastered and Broken Age to Switch. One of those has just seen a surprise release in Europe.

The hand-animated, puzzle-filled adventure game Broken Age is out now, despite Double Fine not confirming it would be available today. It’s a 1.9GB download on Switch.

Grim Fandango Remastered isn’t the only game Double Fine is bringing to Switch. The company has also confirmed that Broken Age is on the way.

Here’s some information and a trailer:

Want Broken Age on Wii U? Then it might be best to let developer Double Fine know!

COO Justin Bailey told one fan on Twitter, “if enough people” show interest in having Broken Age on Wii U, “I’m sure I can make that happen”.

He said:

Thanks to Adam W. for the tip.