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Christopher Robin Miller

Update: (8/23): Bumped to the top. Miller has now posted another tweet saying that he has “no idea” if Layton will be in Smash Bros.


Original (8/22): In July, the IMDB page for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS was edited to include Christopher Robin Miller. This is the voice actor behind Professor Layton in the English version of the games. A couple of weeks back, a fan asked if the listing was true, which he denied.

Another fan once again asked Miller on Twitter today about being credited on IMDB for playing Professor Layton in Smash Bros. Interestingly, he indicated this time around that he did actually voice lines for the games.


There could be a few things going on here. Perhaps Miller has his wires crossed, and he’s incorrectly thinking that he voiced lines for Professor Layton in Smash Bros. Or maybe he’s joking. Another possibility, while it would be somewhat surprising due to the nature of NDAs, is that Miller let some information slip. What do you guys think?

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