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Citizens of Earth

We brought you the file size for Citizens of Earth’s Wii U version earlier today, and now we have the same information for the 3DS equivalent. On Nintendo’s handheld, Citizens of Earth requires 8,850 blocks of space. That should convert to just over 1GB.


Citizens of Earth’s Wii U file size is in. When the game launches next week, expect it to take up 3813 MB. We’ll let you know about the 3DS size as soon as that becomes available.


Those who purchase Citizens of Earth at launch will be able to pick up the game at a discounted price, Atlus has announced.

Here’s the full rundown:

Wii U and 3DS (North America) — Launches Tuesday, Jan. 20
20% discount ($11.99) at launch for one week (through 1/27)

Wii U and 3DS (Europe) — Launches Thursday, Jan. 22
20% discount (€9,59) at launch for one week (through 1/29); people who own either version can buy the other platform at 40% discount; buy one, get the other for €7,19 for one week only (through 1/29)

You can also find another batch of new Citizens of Earth screenshots below.

Source: Atlus PR

Citizens of Earth has been delayed once again. The game will now be released on January 20, Atlus announced today. The game was most recently planned for launch this month.

Check out the gallery above for some new screenshots from Citizens of Earth. The official delay announcement can be found below.

Atlus announced in August that Citizens of Earth would be launching in November. Assuming listings on Nintendo’s website are accurate, the game will be available on November 4. That applies for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game. We’ll let you know if anything changes!


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