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Eden Industries

While we are perfectly aware that Citizens Unite! Earth X Space has received a physical release in the past, it has yet to have one in the west.  That changes today, with Limited Run Games announcing via Twitter that they’ll be producing their own physical version for Switch and PS4.

Here’s a rundown on what this two-pack entails.

Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space is coming to Switch this week. Check out some gameplay footage with the video below.

Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space arrives on Switch on January 28.

Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space

Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space is heading to Switch later this month. It’ll contain two games: Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space.

Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space is planned for a worldwide release, but in the west, it’ll be digital-only. That’s in contrast to Japan and Asia, which is also getting a physical version. The good news is that English is supported and those that are interested in owning a boxed copy can import. Play-Asia is taking pre-orders here.

Kemco and Eden Industries will be bringing Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space to Switch on January 28, 2021.

Kemco and Eden Industries today set a final release date for Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space. The collection, which features Citizens of Earth and Citizens of Space, arrives on January 28, 2021.

Here’s a trailer:

Citizens of Space has issued a launch trailer for Citizens of Space, which is now available on the Switch eShop. View the video below.

Citizens of Space, the follow-up to Citizens of Earth, launches on the Switch eShop tomorrow. Have a look at an hour of footage below.

A few years ago, Eden Industries created the RPG Citizens of Earth which released on 3DS and Wii U. A sequel has now been announced, and it’s coming pretty soon.

Citizens of Space will feature ” an all-new combat system, deeper recruitment mechanics, and plenty of unique worlds to explore”. SEGA is publishing the game.

Here’s the full lowdown on Citizens of Space, along with a trailer:

Atlus has published an official statement about the removal of Citizens of Earth from the 3DS eShop. It notes that “unforeseen circumstances” caused this to happen, and the company is working with Nintendo to bring it back.

The full message states:

In spite of Atlus citing “unforeseen circumstances”, we all know that the homebrew vulnerability was involved. In any case, at least we know Citizens of Earth will be back on the eShop eventually!


Citizens of Earth is no longer available on the 3DS eShop, and if you’ve been keeping up with recent news, you probably know why. A homebrew vulnerability was discovered within the game just a few days ago. Nintendo was expected to follow up on that, and they certainly have.

It’s unclear if/when Citizens of Earth will reappear. The exploit will definitely need to be addressed before it returns. The situation is a bit awkward, as Citizens of Earth was just included in the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle. Redeeming codes from the bundle do still seem to work (currently), so you only can’t purchase the game directly from the eShop.

Thanks to biki4 for the tip.

The homebrew community has found that Citizens of Earth has a homebrew vulnerability on 3DS.

Something similar happened just recently. It was discovered that a homebrew exploit exists within VVVVVV, prompting its removal from the 3DS eShop. Citizens of Earth may end up with a similar fate.


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