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Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb Blood Moon Festival update

Cult of the Lamb players on Switch now have access to a brand new update known as Blood Moon Festival.

A bunch of additional content has been added to the game at no extra cost. There’s a new Blood Moon ritual, new unlocks, new decorations, and new follower forms. It’s also possible to catch ghosts of dead followers.

Cult of the Lamb update

Devolver Digital and Massive Monster have issued the latest update for Cult of the Lamb, with version having gone live.

The new patch is largely intended to address a huge list of issues. Fixes have been implemented relating to crusades, cults, and more.

We have the full patch notes for the Cult of the Lamb version update below.

Cult of the Lamb update 1.0.3

A significant 1.0.3 update has just gone live for Cult of the Lamb on Switch.

A number of improvements, fixes, and more are included. Some of the highlights include the ability to bring more than six Followers to enter the Temple at once, fixes for soft locks and blockers, Portuguese language localization, and more.

Below are the 1.0.3 update patch notes for the Cult of the Lamb as shared on the official Discord channel:

Cult of the Lamb sales milestone

Cult of the Lamb has surpassed one million copies sold, Devolver Digital and Massive Monster have announced. That figure accounts for sales across all platforms.

Devolver Digital didn’t provide a breakdown of sales by system. However, we do know that the game has been pretty popular on Switch having stayed at the top of the eShop charts.

Cult of the Lamb gameplay

Those interested in getting a closer look at Cult of the Lamb on Switch may want to view some new gameplay. Following its launch this week, an hour of footage has arrived from the Switch version.

Continue on below for more information about the title:

Cult of the Lamb trailer

Cult of the Lamb is out on Switch today, and we have a trailer to celebrate. Rather than going for gameplay, the video is animated but still gives an idea of what to expect from the title.

We have more information about Cult of the Lamb in the following overview:

Cult of the Lamb characters

Devolver Digital and Massive Monsters have prepared a new video introducing some of the characters players will encounter in Cult of the Lamb. The lineup includes Ratau (guide, mentor, friend), Clauneck (dealer of cards / teller of fortunes), Kudaai (dealer of weapons), Helob (collector of creatures / catcher of followers), and the fisherman.

Cult of the Lamb Sermons from the Lamb Starting Your Cult

Devolver Digital and Massive Monster have gone live with a new “Sermons from the Lamb: Starting Your Cult” trailer for Cult of the Lamb.

Here’s the official introduction to the video:

Cult of the Lamb release date

Today, Devolver Digital and Massive Monster announced a final release date for Cult of the Lamb. We now have confirmation that the game will launch on August 11, 2022.

For more on Cult of the Lamb, read the following overview:

cult of the lamb card shark physical

Two more Devolver Digital-published games have been confirmed for physical release on Switch – those being Cult of the Lamb and Card Shark.

Special Reserve Games tends to handle boxed versions of Devolver Digital titles, and that’ll be the case once again here. However, the company isn’t sharing a whole lot of information just yet. Both are said to be “coming soon”.

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