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Deck13 Interactive

Faraday Protocol

We’ve got some gameplay of Faraday Protocol, Deck13 Interactive’s first-person puzzle adventure game. Check out the footage below.

Faraday Protocol is currently up on the Switch eShop. Head on over here for further details and a trailer.

Faraday Protocol

With Faraday Protocol having released on Switch, Deck13 Interactive has prepared a new launch trailer. Take a look at the video below.

Faraday Protocol is available now on the Switch eShop. You can check out additional information about the title here.

CrossCode A New Home DLC

CrossCode is about to receive brand new DLC on Switch. A New Home, which takes place immediately after the main game, is scheduled for August 5.

Here’s a bit of extra information:

Faraday Protocol

Today, Deck13 Spotlight and Red Koi Box announced that they’re bringing Faraday Protocol to Switch. The first-person puzzle adventure game is slated for August 12.

Here’s an overview and trailer straight from Deck13:

New DLC is on the way for the 2D action RPG CrossCode. While PC is receiving the latest content – known as A New Home – today, console owners will need to wait a bit longer. Deck13 Interactive and Radical Fish Games are hoping to have it ready on Switch this summer.

Here’s some information about the new DLC:


A new 1.0.12 patch has gone out for the Switch version of CrossCode. There are a few aspects to the update – including a few fixes – but the main highlight is the inclusion of New Game Plus.

The full patch notes are as follows:


Recently, CrossCode received a new 1.0.11 update on Switch. Players can now access the Holiday Man quest during December and January. It’s located in Bergen Village.

According to Deck13, CrossCode will soon be receiving New Game+ functionality. The first submissions for this next update are planned for early January. When the feature is live on Switch, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Resolutiion - Craftsman Update

Resolutiion, the fast paced action adventure for Switch, has received its latest major update. Version is called the “Craftsman Update” and contains a new area, new optional mini-boss, new weapon variations, and more.

Here’s additional information about the patch:


CrossCode has received a new update that rolls out several new fixes, check out the full patch notes below.


CrossCode’s physical release has been delayed and will no longer arrive on August 28 as previously scheduled.

In Europe, the boxed version of CrossCode is now planned for September 15. North America will be getting it a month later on October 20.

Those that are interested in CrossCode can buy the game now on the eShop. If you’re looking to get up to speed with what the game has to offer, view the trailer below.

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