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Don’t Starve Together

Don't Starve Together trailer

Klei Entertainment has readied a new launch trailer for Don’t Starve Together. This comes in celebration of the game’s arrival on Switch.

For more on Don’t Starve Together, read the following overview:

don't starve together switch

Don’t Starve Together has been given a release date on Switch after it was announced for the system last December. It will arrive on April 12, Klei Entertainment confirmed today.

Klei also revealed that a new shared unlocks feature will be made available in the game. Players will be able to share unlocked skins, drops, characters, plant registry, crockpot recipes, and Klei Rewards between Switch, Xbox One, WeGame, and Steam. It’ll all work through Klei Accounts, and more information will follow soon. Players will be able to merge multiple platform accounts onto a single Klei Account and seamlessly use items on everything connected.

Don't Starve Together

Klei Entertainment confirmed today that it’s putting Don’t Starve Together on Switch. The game, which acts as a multiplayer expansion of the original Don’t Starve, is slated for Spring 2022.

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